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American Rescue Plan Funding Enables School Districts to Purchase Necessary Health and Safety Equipment to Prevent Spread of Disease and Prevent Learning Loss From COVID-19

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Medify Air is excited to offer discounts and financing for schools and businesses looking to buy air HEPA air purifiers in bulk ahead of the coming academic year. A third pandemic stimulus bill called the American Rescue Plan (ARP) was signed into law in March 2021, providing public school districts across the country $122 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (or ESSER III) funds. An additional $2.75 billion was allotted for non-public schools as Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (or EANS) funds.

As educators begin to shift back to full-time, in-person instruction this fall, they will be able to assess the extent of their students’ learning loss and determine which interventions are best. Until then, creating a safe environment for learning is paramount.

Medify Air purifiers are equipped with HEPA H13 filters, which remove 99.9% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size – that is smaller than the size of a COVID virus particle. Medify offers discounts and financing for schools and businesses looking to buy in bulk.

ESSER III and EANS funds are intended to help schools reopen quickly and safely and address significant learning loss by U.S. students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools can use ESSER III and EANS funds to remediate learning loss in several ways, including:

  • Purchasing health and safety equipment to help prevent the spread of diseases, such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifiers, sanitation stations, and universal cleaners.
  • Furniture and equipment to keep teachers, students, and staff safe and/or distanced during in-person instruction, such as individual desks and mobile chairs, tabletop screens, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • The hiring of additional personnel to keep school spaces safe and clean, such as nurses and custodians.
  • Purchasing outdoor furniture and equipment to account for an increase in outdoor activities and dining, such as picnic tables, benches, and portable sinks.
  • Hiring additional educators and support staff.
  • Investing in educational technology and remote learning tools, including hardware, software, and connectivity to support student learning.

These are just a few ways schools can use ESSER III and EANS funds. Interested in using your funding to purchase Medify’s HEPA H13 purifiers in bulk and saving money in the process? Speak to our team of clean air experts to determine a plan that makes the most of your school’s budget.


What is the American Rescue Plan?


How are funds allocated under ARP ESSER?


What are authorized use cases for my school’s funding?

Specifically, ARP ESSER funds may be used to develop strategies and implement public health protocols including, to the greatest extent practicable, policies in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on reopening and operating schools to effectively maintain the health and safety of students, educators, and other staff, as well as:

  • Coordinating preparedness/response efforts with state, local, tribal, and territorial public health departments to prevent, prepare for, and respond to COVID-19.
  • Training and professional development on sanitizing and minimizing the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Purchasing supplies to sanitize and clean the LEA’s facilities. 
  • Repairing and improving school facilities to reduce risk of virus transmission and exposure to environmental health hazards. 
  • Improving indoor air quality. 
  • Addressing the needs of children from low-income families, children with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, students experiencing homelessness, and foster care youth.
  • Developing and implementing procedures and systems to improve the preparedness and response efforts of LEAs. 
  • Planning for or implementing activities during long-term closures, including providing meals to eligible students and providing technology for online learning. 
  • Purchasing educational technology, providing mental health support services, providing summer activities and programs, and more.

Can I use ARP ESSER funds for air purifiers?

  • Yes, you may use up to 80% of your funding to improve your school’s air quality. Medify Air offers a wide variety of purifiers, including units with UV light disinfection, child lock, HEPA H13 filters, and large coverage area units (up to 2,500 square feet) on wheels for easy transport. 


Rebecca Pasch

VP of Sales and US Expansion

Medify Air

[email protected]


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American Rescue Plan Funding Enables School Districts to Purchase Necessary Health and Safety Equipment to Prevent Spread of Disease and Prevent Learning Loss From COVID-19 WeeklyReviewer

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SN Servicing Corporation Notifies Clients of Data Security Breach


EUREKA, Calif., July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SN Servicing Corporation (“SN”) has become aware of an incident that may have exposed some of our borrower’s data, including name, contact information, date of birth, social security number, and loan/borrower information. SN takes clients’ privacy very seriously and has taken steps to notify any clients who may have been affected by this incident. SN sincerely regrets any inconvenience that this incident may cause and remains dedicated to protecting clients’ personal information.

What Happened? On or about October 15, 2020, SN discovered unauthorized access to its network.  Upon discovery, SN immediately terminated the access and retained a specialized cybersecurity forensic team to conduct an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the Incident.  The forensics team first identified the name and locations of files that were exfiltrated from the firewall records.  This investigation concluded on or about November 24, 2020.  Based on the results of the investigation, it was determined that an unauthorized party may have been able to access sensitive personal information for some of our borrowers. 

SN was able to quickly identify a subset of documents which were believed to contain sensitive information for some borrowers.  In the interest of notifying the borrowers as quickly as possible, a preliminary notice was provided for that collection of documents.  A data mining vendor was then hired to review the remaining documents to identify any additional individuals that may have been affected and what data may have been exposed.  The data mining team provided its initial results on or about April 27, 2021.  SN then engaged in a substantial data validation process to verify the accuracy of the data and reconcile to internal records.  This validation exercise concluded on or about June 9, 2021.  SN then procured credit monitoring for affected individuals and drafted notices to individuals, consumer credit reporting agencies, and state regulators as appropriate.

What information was involved? While we have no reason to believe that your information has been misused as a result of this incident, we are notifying you out of an abundance of caution and for purposes of full transparency.  Based on the investigation, the unauthorized party may have had access to one or more of the following data elements: name, contact information, date of birth, social security number, and loan/borrower information.  Please note that not every data element was present for every individual.  While we appreciate that the incident may be concerning, please note that SN is not aware of any instances of misuse of sensitive data.

What Is SN Doing? SN engaged a specialized cybersecurity firm to conduct an investigation of the incident. Since the incident, SN has continued to strengthen their security posture.  Additionally, we have also obtained complimentary credit monitoring for all affected individuals.  We encourage you to take advantage of the complimentary credit monitoring services.

What You Can Do. SN encourages individuals to remain vigilant against incidents of identity theft and fraud, to review account statements, and explanation of benefits forms, and to monitor free credit reports for suspicious activity and to detect errors. Additional steps individuals can take are provided in the below “Steps You Can Take to Protect Personal Information.”

For More Information.  SN sincerely regrets any inconvenience that this incident may cause to its clients and remains dedicated to protecting their information. If you have worked with SN and have any questions or concerns about this incident, please contact (855)-867-0891 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time

Additional Important Information

For residents of Hawaii, Michigan, Missouri, Virginia, Vermont, and North Carolina: It is recommended by state law that you remain vigilant for incidents of fraud and identity theft by reviewing credit card account statements and monitoring your credit report for unauthorized activity.

For residents of Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, and West Virginia:

It is required by state laws to inform you that you may obtain a copy of your credit report, free of charge, whether or not you suspect any unauthorized activity on your account.  You may obtain a free copy of your credit report from each of the three nationwide credit reporting agencies.  To order your free credit report, please visit www.annualcreditreport.com, or call toll-free at 1-877-322-8228.  You can also order your annual free credit report by mailing a completed Annual Credit Report Request Form (available at https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0155-free-credit-reports) to: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA, 30348-5281.

For residents of Iowa:

State law advises you to report any suspected identity theft to law enforcement or to the Attorney General.

For residents of Oregon:

State laws advise you to report any suspected identity theft to law enforcement, including the Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission.

For residents of Maryland, Rhode Island, Illinois, New York, and North Carolina:

You can obtain information from the Maryland and North Carolina Offices of the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission about fraud alerts, security freezes, and steps you can take toward preventing identity theft.

Maryland Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division 200, St. Paul Place Baltimore, MD 21202, 1-888-743-0023, www.oag.state.md.us

Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection 150 South Main Street, Providence RI 02903, 1-401-274-4400, www.riag.ri.gov

North Carolina Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, 9001 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-9001, 1-877-566-7226, www.ncdoj.gov

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center, 600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20580, 1-877-IDTHEFT (438-4338), www.ftc.gov/idtheft

New York Office of Attorney General Consumer Frauds & Protection, The Capitol Albany, NY 12224, 1-800-771-7755, https://ag.ny.gov/consumer-frauds/identity-theft

For residents of Massachusetts: It is required by state law that you are informed of your right to obtain a police report if you are a victim of identity theft

For residents of all states:

Fair Credit Reporting Act:  You are also advised that you may have additional rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Fraud Alerts: You can place fraud alerts with the three credit bureaus by phone and online with Equifax (https://assets.equifax.com/assets/personal/Fraud_Alert_Request_Form.pdf); TransUnion (https://www.transunion.com/fraud-alerts); or Experian (https://www.experian.com/fraud/center.html).  A fraud alert tells creditors to follow certain procedures, including contacting you, before they open any new accounts or change your existing accounts.  For that reason, placing a fraud alert can protect you, but also may delay you when you seek to obtain credit.  As of September 21, 2018, initial fraud alerts last for one year. Victims of identity theft can also get an extended fraud alert for seven years.  The phone numbers for all three credit bureaus are at the bottom of this page.

Monitoring: You should always remain vigilant and monitor your accounts for suspicious or unusual activity.

Security Freeze: You also have the right to place a security freeze on your credit report.  A security freeze is intended to prevent credit, loans, and services from being approved in your name without your consent.  To place a security freeze on your credit report, you need to make a request to each consumer reporting agency.  You may make that request by certified mail, overnight mail, regular stamped mail, or by following the instructions found at the websites listed below.  The following information must be included when requesting a security freeze (note that if you are requesting a credit report for your spouse or a minor under the age of 16, this information must be provided for him/her as well): (1) full name, with middle initial and any suffixes; (2) Social Security number; (3) date of birth; (4) current address and any previous addresses for the past five years; and (5) any applicable incident report or complaint with a law enforcement agency or the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  The request must also include a copy of a government-issued identification card and a copy of a recent utility bill or bank or insurance statement.  It is essential that each copy be legible, display your name and current mailing address, and the date of issue.  As of September 21, 2018, it is free to place, lift, or remove a security freeze.  You may also place a security freeze for children under the age of 16.  You may obtain a free security freeze by contacting any one or more of the following national consumer reporting agencies:

Equifax Security Freeze

P.O. Box 105788

Atlanta, GA 30348



Experian Security Freeze

P.O. Box 9554

Allen, TX 75013



TransUnion (FVAD)

P.O. Box 2000

Chester, PA 19022



More information can also be obtained by contacting the Federal Trade Commission listed above.

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SOURCE SN Servicing Corporation

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Hoffa: New NLRB Members Approved By Senate Will Ensure Workers Are Heard

WASHINGTON, July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The following is a statement from Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa on the Senate’s confirmation of David Prouty and Gwynne Wilcox this week to serve on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which will give Democrats a majority at the agency.

“For too long, workers’ efforts to join together and bargain for fair wages and working conditions have been stymied at the NLRB. But that changes with the additions of David Prouty and Gwynne Wilcox, whose decades-long careers prove they value the rights of working Americans to organize on the job if they choose.

“Prouty, the current general counsel of SEIU 32BJ in New York City, previously was general counsel of UNITE HERE and served as a senior lawyer for the Major League Baseball Players Association from 2008 through 2017. Meanwhile, Wilcox has experience in the private sector representing union-side clients, as well as working as a field attorney for the NLRB’s New York City office.

“These are people who are familiar with the efforts of big business to limit unions in the workplace. They won’t be fooled by the corporate double-speak that merely attempts to allow companies to continue to pad their profits at the expense of workers. The Teamsters laud their additions at the NLRB.”

Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Visit www.teamster.org for more information. Follow us on Twitter @Teamsters and “like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teamsters.


Ted Gotsch, (703) 899-0869 

[email protected]

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SOURCE International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Hoffa: New NLRB Members Approved By Senate Will Ensure Workers Are Heard WeeklyReviewer

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TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC GAMES – Eventing Day 1


TOKYO, July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — British take early lead in opening dressage phase- by Louise Parkes.

World number one, Oliver Townend, helped Great Britain take the lead with the best individual score on the first day of the Dressage phase of Eventing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Baji Koen today. (FEI/Christophe Taniere)

World number one, Oliver Townend, gave the British team the best possible start when taking the individual lead as the Dressage phase kicked off equestrian Eventing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Baji Koen today.

Going second in the first of today’s two sessions, with a further 20 horse-and-rider combinations to go tomorrow morning, the 38-year-old athlete who is a triple European team gold medallist, produced what he described as “a very safe test” for a score of 23.6 with the Irish-bred grey, Ballaghmor Class.

Team-mate, Laura Collett, then backed that up with a score of 25.80 for overnight fourth place individually with London 52, but she wasn’t overly pleased with her own performance. However her result was plenty good enough to secure pole position for her country this evening.


It’s a fascinating leaderboard with two-thirds of the dressage competitors now completed. Lying second are Team Sweden, with the hosts from Japan in third and China in fourth place. Few would have expected Germany to be lying fifth and New Zealand, France, Switzerland, USA and Australia stacking up behind them in the field of 15 nations.

A brilliant ride by China’s Alex Hua Tian with Don Geniro brought him closest to Townend’s leading score when putting 23.90 on the board for individual second place while Germany’s Julia Krajewski and Amande de B’Neville lie third on 25.20.

The short action-packed dressage test, specially created for these Olympic Games, takes just 3.5 minutes to complete and, underlining the quality of the field, a total of seven combinations scored below 30 during this morning’s first session. Three more joined that elite group as the day progressed and amongst them was India’s Fouad Mirza riding the experienced 15-year-old gelding Seigneur that competed so successfully for Germany’s Bettina Hoy. “I’m so lucky to ride such a great horse, he’s a gentleman in every sense, kind and honest”, said the athlete who is only the third rider from his country to compete in Olympic Eventing.

Overnight there were some changes to the teams, with both Australia’s Stuart Tinney (Leporis) and Ireland’s Cathal Daniels (Rioghan Rua) withdrawing. Tinney has been replaced by Kevin McNab (Don Quidam) and Daniels by Austin O’Connor (Colorado Blue).




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OEM's Solution to Operational Challenges: How Metal ID Plates Offer Reliable and Critical Communication


LA CROSSE, Wis., July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to relaying the critical information that ID plates offer there is often more than meets the eye. Even the smallest details can communicate information that is critical to the function and safety of both equipment and user, notes Brian LaFleur, Marketing Manager of McLoone. “Metal ID plates offer the assurance that necessary information on equipment will be reliable and sustainable through whatever conditions they may face.”

ID plates serve a number of important functions, such as relaying operational instructions that promote a safe environment; purchase and requisition; and identifying equipment to ensure proper installation, operation and maintenance.

But not all ID plates are equally effective, and metal ID plates have been shown to be superior for several reasons. First, they are durable and particularly suited for harsh environments, where they may be exposed to heat and vibrations. And these versatile pieces attach securely and lend themselves to easy customization.

“In typical situations, metal ID plates will last many years. We work with our customers to assure the plates withstand extreme conditions for an extended period of time,” LaFleur says. “Our goal is excellent customer service and creative execution.”

In today’s economy, it’s vital for every company to focus on the bottom line, and OEMs strive to offer reliable equipment that supports a production line and in turn an organization as a whole. That’s where a small thing, like a metal ID plate, can make a big difference in conveying the important information that keeps an operation working safely at peak capacity.

About McLoone

McLoone Metal Graphics is a single source for custom engineered, high quality metal and plastic nameplates, ID Plates, overlays and labels for commercial and industrial applications that withstand environmental challenges. For over 65 years, they’ve served nearly every industry. Whether building to print, creating rapid prototypes or collaborating on a custom solution, McLoone is known for meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

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SOURCE McLoone Product Identification

OEM's Solution to Operational Challenges: How Metal ID Plates Offer Reliable and Critical Communication WeeklyReviewer

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/R E P E A T — Media Advisory – Government of Canada to Make Major Housing-Related Announcement in the Capital Regional District/


SAANICH, BC, July 29, 2021 /CNW/ – The Government of Canada, the Province of BC, and the Capital Regional District will be making a major announcement related to housing.

Media are invited to join Adam Vaughan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and Minister Responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the Honourable Rob Fleming, MLA for Victoria-Swan Lake & Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, and Colin Plant, Chair of the Capital Regional District, for the announcement.


July 30th, 2021


11:00am PT


1892 Prosser Rd, Saanichton, BC


SOURCE Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

/R E P E A T -- Media Advisory - Government of Canada to Make Major Housing-Related Announcement in the Capital Regional District/ WeeklyReviewer

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Tracfone Apple iPhone 7 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone – 32GB – Black – Carrier Locked


Price: $199.99
(as of Jul 30,2021 21:10:17 UTC – Details)

Tracfone Apple iPhone 7 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone - 32GB - Black - Carrier Locked WeeklyReviewer

CARRIER – This phone is locked to Tracfone, which means this device can only be used on the Tracfone wireless network.

12MP iSight Camera with live Photos and 4K Video; 32GB of internal memory to store your apps, music, photos, and videos
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Don’t forget to purchase your Airtime Plan on our brand page for as low as 20 dollars/month. To activate your device, please visit the Tracfone website and Activate your new phone with a Tracfone service plan.
Note: This phone is carrier locked; Customers must have had their locked device activated on Tracfone service for no fewer than 12 months, redeemed air time cards in no fewer than 12 months, and not have had their telephone number recycled or ported.

Dell Inspiron 15 3593 15.6” HD Touchscreen Laptop Intel Quad Core i7-1065G7 16GB DDR4 RAM 512GB SSD+1TB HDD Wireless-AC HDMI Bluetooth Webcam MaxxAudio Windows 10 Pro


Price: $1,049.00
(as of Jul 30,2021 21:10:17 UTC – Details)

Dell Inspiron 15 3593 15.6'' HD Touchscreen Laptop Intel Quad Core i7-1065G7 16GB DDR4 RAM 512GB SSD+1TB HDD Wireless-AC HDMI Bluetooth Webcam MaxxAudio Windows 10 Pro WeeklyReviewer

Key features and Benefits:
Latest and Powerful 10th Gen Intel Quad-Core i7-1065G7 Processor (1.30GHz Base, 8MB Cache, Max turbo upto 3.90 GHz), Ultra-low-voltage platform, Quad-Core, Eight-way processing provides Maximum high-efficiency power to go. Integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics with shared graphics memory provide everyday image quality for Internet use, basic photo editing and casual gaming.
15.6-inch Touchscreen Truelife LED-Backlit HD (1366 x 768) Display provides detailed images, and LED backlighting provides a thinner, more energy-efficient screen. Integrated Intel UHD Graphics with shared video memory deliver rich, detailed visuals for Internet use, movies, basic photo editing and gaming. HDMI port lets you view videos and photos on your HDTV.Enjoy the fast speed to share files, play games online and surf the Web
Ram is 16GB DDR4 Memory for fast processing and advanced multitasking , Hard Drive is 512GB SSD for delivering fast start-up time and data access. SSD works much faster than HDD. So it will improve the whole performance of a PC.System also comes with a 1TB HDD for plenty of storage room.
Integrated Webcam 802.11 Dual Band Wireless-AC WLAN 2×2 + Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Speakers with Waves MaxxAudio Pro. NO optical drive to achieve the compact form factor. 3-cell lithium-polymer battery. With a 10-key numeric pad, you can easily keep working away.
1x USB 2.0 Type A, 1x HDMI, 2x USB 3.1 Type C, 1x Headphone output/Microphone input, 1x RJ-45 Port, 1x Media Card Reader, 1x Wedge Shaped Lock Slot, Windows 10 Pro, Stereo Speaker with Waves MaxxAudio Pro Audio. 3-Cell 42WHr Battery, 32GB USB drive from best to buy