WeeklyReviewer Quarantine Time Episode 3 – Donald Trump and Covid-19 Coronavirus in The USA

WeeklyReviewer Quarantine Time Episode 3 – Donald Trump and Covid-19 Coronavirus in The USA

WeeklyReviewer Quarantine Time Episode 3 – Donald Trump and Covid-19 Coronavirus in The USA

Reporting live from our satellite in Outer Space, join us as we deliver the news safe from the Coronavirus and Political Influence!

Today we’ll talk about the increasing tension between Covid-19 Coronavirus and how the US is coping with it.

With nations looking to see how America handles Covid-19 Coronavirus, our president is still lax and dismissive of the pandemic.

WeeklyReviewer Quarantine Time Episode 3 – Donald Trump and Covid-19 Coronavirus in The USA

WeeklyReviewer Quarantine Time Episode 3 – Donald Trump and Covid-19 Coronavirus in The USA

The situation back on earth is still touch and go. Donald Trump has finally started advocating for facemasks though not vehemently...

The situation back on earth is still touch and go. Donald Trump has finally started advocating for facemasks though not vehemently enough. Face masks and safety precautions are still sparse during the pandemic, as schools start to reopen this month and for the fall.

A picture going viral online shows a crowded hallway of students, many not wearing facemasks, on the first few days of school. Apparently, the student that posted this, and others, are being suspended and silenced for talking ‘bad’ about the school, and officially for using their phones in the hallway. The principal of this school event went as far as to say that facemasks are a personal choice, and they can’t be enforced for every student as a mandatory requirement.

Students are often asked to leave, or given extra covering, if their dress code isn’t appropriate. Why don’t schools provide students with masks, and offer temperature checks before entering the school?

The US is facing well above thirty thousand, some days over sixty thousand, new cases of coronavirus every day, with over 6 million confirmed cases and over one hundred and eighty thousand deaths. It’s clear, with over a quarter of the worlds cases (nearly a third), our handling of the pandemic is stretching what should and shouldn’t be done. Experts like Anthony Fauci have been pushing for appropriate guidelines that have been blatantly ignored by lawmakers and the administration. Studies and experts keep telling us the dangers of reopening schools, and loosening social distancing guidelines in general, but it’s clear some states, lawmakers and our president, are making no effort to heed their warnings.

In more ridiculous news, a video has been circling the internet, even promoted by the president in a retweet and in a press conference touting the, quote on quote, doctors in the video, for claiming false Covid-19 facts like saying you don’t need masks, there is a cure which is hydroxychloroquine, clearly false and a dangerous statement. The president sharing and announcing his faith in the doctors in this video show his lack of empathy for the people, and understanding of the virus. The president is notorious for dangerous notions himself, when he said he took a full course of hydroxychloroquine himself, asked if we could inject disinfectant into our bodies to kill the virus, like it does on surfaces, and constantly touting your freedom to not wear a mask, saying it’s not necessary.

Both rebublicans and democrats are trying to issue their own stimulus check bills, which include the funding and spending for other areas affected by the Coronavirus pandemic such as education, jobs, businesses and more. A major focus of disagreement is the spenditure on testing, which republicans have cut significantly from their bill. Proper spending on testing, vaccines and an overall effort for schools and businesses is necessary to combat the pandemic.

A US based vaccine for the Coronavirus is on it’s way, as well as 3 competing vaccines from other countries; these vaccines won’t be available until December at the earliest, and expected 2021. We cannot hope to sustain ourselves if our government and administration blatantly ignoring the warnings and risks.

Without proper guidelines, and solid facts guiding our handling of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, it’s unlikely we’ll reach an agreeable solution and flattening of the curve anytime soon. This deadly virus needs proper social distancing, mandatory facemasks and proper guidelines for schools and businesses to reopen safely. That’s our show tonight, tune in next time for another episode of Quarantine Time.

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This news focuses on the Coronavirus Pandemic and an increasing need for Covid-19 Coronavirus testing, vaccines and safety precautions.

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WeeklyReviewer Quarantine Time Episode 3 – Donald Trump and Covid-19 Coronavirus in The USA

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