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Mahim Gupta
I love journalism and writing, and I emphasize facts and direct implications for readers. I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Rutgers University and I've been writing about business, technology and science trends for many years. I also love writing about politics, world news or topics that require more perspective. Beyond industry news and news reviews, I review products, services and business profiles/brands. Head Writer | Editor at WeeklyReviewer
Jeremias Eilenberg
Writing has always been a dream for me. I've written throughout college for gaming and tech industry reviews. Here at WeeklyReviewer, I get to pursue my hobby of writing; I am a gamer and an industry follower in my endeavors. I'll get to the root of the problem and report what you need to know.
Happy Dunnett
Happy Dunnett carries a Bachelors in Computer Science and a passion for writing in all areas of and around the tech industry. He is an active contributor and co-author to sites including
T.J. Coutts
Passionate game tester, game lover and game reviewer. Check out my Twitch:
Jordan Fuller
Jordan Fuller is a passionate golfer and globe-trotter. As a golf professional and a writer, he publishes interesting golf content on his website, Golf Influence. Learn more at
Sherry Kimball
Sherry Kimball likes to write articles with advice that help couples to improve their relationships. Sherry enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, weddings, and dating. She is passionate about yoga in her free time.
World Reviewer Staff
The first logical thought has to be "no way". I'm the World Observer! Ill find and share important news all day.
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