Press Release Distribution

Take advantage of Cision News’ PR Newswire network at our discounted rate and with amazing support from our staff to craft and target the perfect Press Release for your business!

Send your news over the largest network of media outlets, online news websites and blogs in the world. Reach major news media outlets through our Top Tech Markets, Web News Release Plus and Targeted State distribution channels through our official partnership with PR Newswire.

Technology press releases for technology based news should be sent through our Top Tech Markets distribution with PR Newswire to target technology journalists and eyes! Press release distribution in New York State and City and press release distribution in New Jersey with Key NYC distribution points allows you to target the best of NYC and NJ combined! Send your press release to any state and target all the major news and media distribution outlets. Don’t forget our Web News Release Plus to target the maximum potential of your online/SEO press release distribution.

You would provide a well written and SEO specialized Press Release for your client; We can help you with writing techniques and the latest industry standards for writing as we do for all our clients.
We can provide specific discounts to our clients for the following distributions with PR Newswire’s network:

  • Top Tech Markets 
    $500 for the first 400 words with $190 for each additional 100 words
  • NY Metro, NY State and NJ + Key NYC 
    $400 for the first 400 words with $150 for each additional 100 words
  • Other State
    $300 for the first 400 words with $140 for each additional 100 words
  • Web News Release Plus
    $299 for the first 500 words and $35.75 for each additional 100 words

Cision’s PR Newswire carries the largest and greatest news and media reach for press release distribution. As an official partner, we work with clients to place their announcement/news on top news and media outlets for the best in brand awareness and marketing to compete with major brands.

To learn more about PR Newswire’s distribution here is a pricing guide for their current distribution channels:
Please see the State & Local, Top Markets (Tech), and their WebMax (our Web News Release Plus)
And here is a detailed brief on their WebMax distribution which is the applied distribution for Web News Release Plus:
Our Web News Release Plus is perfect for businesses looking to get that extra SEO reach with thousands of PR Newswire approved websites targeting viewers, traffic and interested eyes on the top media outlets.

If you’d like multimedia added, the base rate is applied. Though expensive, it has a huge effect on marketability and drawing the right attention.

WeeklyReviewer is offering the best press release distribution to businesses looking to market themselves across the United States. We work with your team to help craft and place your press release on all the best and engaging news and media outlets. Contact us by filling out the form below

  • Reach the top technology markets media outlets and journalists through PR Newswire’s Top Tech Markets Distribution. 
  • Businesses marketing in specific states will benefit from press releases on PR Newswire’s Targeted State Distribution.
  • Looking to take your business online and want to target only online media outlets, you’ll love PR Newswire Web only distribution Web News Release Plus Distribution
  • Have your news placed on top sites next to big brands and competitors.
  • Reach the ultimate form of marketing for businesses looking for SEO, Outreach and Exposure!

Press Release Writing

Our writers understand what journalists are looking for and what they don’t like to see.

A perfectly written press release about an event, news or growth of your business is truly effective and can boost your SEO, engagement in your industry and traffic to your site.

Get your press release professionally written by us! For a low cost writing fee of $100 for 500 words get an SEO and action packed press release perfectly crafted with the latest press release writing and distribution standards in mind. Get all the marketing benefits with the right press release format, SEO and voice!

Often the right press release will get picked up by blogs and journalists, so good contact details, linking and news body is key! What you get from us:

  • Perfectly crafted for SEO.
  • Best practices for press releases.
  • About your news, with your information and suggestions for key information!
  • English only, from writing experts and journalists who know the news and PR industry well.

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What are Press Releases? What is Newsworthy?
Why do you need Press Releases? When do you need them?

Let’s talk about PR and Press Releases, and how they’re useful; Why the solution is discoverability, searchability, and SEO.

In the current digital era, in which news is passed and assembled via the social media, you can easily think that issuing your business’s update through internet platforms only is enough. However, newscast passed exclusively on online social platforms might not receive the courtesy they deserve. Although it’s not toning down social media’s power, for most businesses, social media platforms might not be sufficient to pass key updates and information to the targeted audiences.  Press releases are still alive in this digital era and have adapted to help companies get valuable publicity. A press release serves to validate online content and serves other drives that a brief social media post cannot. Here is an exclusive look at why you need press releases.

What is a Press Release?

Press releases refer to short, compelling news about businesses or sites to get instant publicity for their merchandise or services. They serve as an affordable and effective technique to endorse your corporate and pass your message to the intended people.

What is Newsworthy?

Newsworthy refers to the consideration of whether or not a press release submission is exciting enough for people to need or want to know. The Media Relations team first considers Newsworthiness before deciding whether or not to draft a press release. When journalists talk about newsworthy, they use five news values including; timeliness, proximity, conflict and controversy, human interest, and relevance.

Why Do You Need Press Releases? When Do You Need Them?

The question is not if you need press releases but why you need them. Press releases are essential in getting attention, make the news, and generate publicity. Press releases play an important role in creating and promoting a business brand awareness by sharing relevant news in your business. So when do you require to do press releases? Some of the ideal times for press releases include announcing a new product, promoting your next event, and updating your clients, industry peers, and prospects about your company’s momentum.

How Are They Useful?

One of the main reasons for a press release is announcing a new product, opportunity, or service. Your business spends a lot of money, time, and energy to get your new product ready. A press release gives your new product the best chance of succeeding, attract attention, and begin to increase sales.

Another important reason for issuing a press release is promoting your upcoming event. A press release helps generate publicity and interest in upcoming events such as business workshops, street festivals, conferences, or charity gala dinner. These are big events that might boost the popularity of your company.  Issuing a press release in the lead-up to the event gives you the best chance to succeed in the event, including increased ticket sales, celebrity support, and more awareness of your cause or higher attendance at the event.

Benefits of Discoverability, Searchability, and SEO.

There are lots of benefits of press releases to your businesses and company. As a fresh business, it is vital to quickly gain some discoverability to your site and merchandise. Press releases are an excellent method of getting instant exposure of your brand from an already recognized site or publication with existing fans. This way, the audience will recognize and the products you are dealing with.

Press releases are also a perfect strategy to increase your business website search engine optimization. Every time you have a press release from a broadcasting journal, they normally link back to your product page or business website. This develops increased backlinks to your business site that produces a positive link essence. This gradually boosts your site’s search engine organic visibility and assist in driving traffic to your business. It is hence essential to do content optimization for SEO to achieve progressive outcomes from your press releases.