Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Website Information from User

We allow the ability to share News Articles as well as interact with our Facebook page. Although information on Facebook will be visible, nothing on this website will reflect your information. No information from Facebook or from this website will be collected.

FYI; This information is automatically a subset of a person’s public profile:

  • id
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • middle_name
  • name
  • name_format
  • picture
  • short_name

Uses of your information

Your extent of your access to the site remains straightforward and as follows. With the profile picture and name (your profile) you will be able to share from this website only. Page views on articles will be counted but not individualized to reflect a particular user. You have the ability to provide specific outlined information to contact us or join our Newsletter.
This concludes the extent of your information use. We do not want your personal information and have no intention of using information for any malicious purpose.


Newsletter information includes:
First Name and Last Name (Optional entry)
Email (Required)

Emails will only be used for newsletter, nothing else on the site. Your emails will never be sold or given to others. Your information remains safe and secure on our server and we will not spam you at anytime. We keep our emails to the point, informative and what you need.


Our ads privacy policy:


Our commenting and messaging system requires you login through Facebook which retains your login credentials and browser history to keep you logged in.

We have access but do not collect your Facebook information, email or ID. Weeklyreviewer does however keep and retain access to messages and comments sent to and from WeeklyReviewer.

Weeklyreviewer cache’s non major website css and images on your browser as a cookie to load faster, while also caching and showing previously cached versions.

Our Ads and Analytics utilize your browser and previous search by refreshing a cookie (We do not have control over this). We do not share analytics information with any purpose beyond improving user experience.

Utilizing our site in turn means you accept our Cookie policies and agree to be included in our analytics.