Top 9 Most Convenient Note Taking Apps


Convenient note taking apps can elevate your meeting, note taking and organization in general!

Remember that time when you had a really important meeting and you forgot to bring your notepad so you had to be messy through the whole session trying to memorize whatever was being said or you wrote on a paper but it magically disappeared when you needed it?

I can relate too. That’s not the case these days because technology has enabled people access the most reliable and most convenient notepads in their smartphones and desktop.

For an organization having a pile of projects this is the perfect app. through workspaces, teammates are able to work jointly to be on the same page with the right notes at a particular time indicated by the team leader. It also helps to create meeting agendas, client materials and proposals.

In addition, the team can also chat with in the app and also comment with the members which allows room for feedback in case of discussion and uncertainty during meetings. Members can also share documents among each other and with markdown option, you can format documents with keyboard shortcuts. Bit-ai can also allow users to add YouTube video in case the organization is in the entertainment industry.

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During meetings, the manager could have some points he wants everyone to put in this is where this app come in, Evernote will help organize to-do lists and work documents in one place including personal ideas that you might want to use in the meetings.

It also auto syncs all your devices with this app with all the information that has been typed not leaving out ideas and photos

Apple Notes

It’s only limited to only those with apple products including the web version. All files used in the meetings are highly protected by the apple system.

Google keep

You could call it a substitute of post it notes. Google keep is convenient in a way that it connects you to your google account incase needed during the meetings. Unlike other apps, google keep has a reminder that you can add important events with date and time which helps it to sync it to your google calendar.


Just like apple notes, it’s also limited to apple users only. Its advantage is trying to keep the meeting on the same page without interruption from other files or pop ups. This makes the whole team concentrate on the same page. It can also help convert files into PDF and word.


Other note taking apps include:


Can be found on all devices and operating systems. It also syncs between two separate devices.

Simple note

While it’s a desktop app, it can also be used on iOS and android phones too.

Dropbox paper

Allows people to chat in real time while in a meeting and discussing different issues. It’s also available on all devices and operating systems, and in my opinion can be used like versatile note taking apps.


During meetings, slido helps with interaction between members by providing live polls and the best thing about slido is that while commenting, your comment is anonymous so feel free to speak your mind because no one will have a clue.

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