5 Ways to Recognise and Tackle Alcohol and Drug Addiction: From the UK's Leading Rehab & Recovery Facilitator

LONDON, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It can be a difficult task for those who have experienced an addiction to alcohol or drugs to talk through how crippling it can be on day-to-day life. Even in its mildest form, addiction can cause our mental health to deteriorate, make us physically ill and break friendships and relationships.

For Rehab Recovery, the UK’s leading Rehab and Recovery Facilitator, addiction is something that they see every day. Their mission is to help people understand the signs of addiction, to facilitate life-changing alcohol and drug detox, treatments, and therapies, and through tailored programs, help those who are most in need to kick the habit for good.

Here are five ways to recognise and tackle an addiction to alcohol or drugs:

1. Evaluate your reliance on alcohol or drug use

Addiction can start of small. Peer pressure within social groups or new environments may have resulted in you drinking or using drugs more often than you previously would have. Or, perhaps a life trauma, unhappiness, loneliness, or stress at work or home has resulted in you seeking out ways to alleviate such feelings. If this phase doesn’t pass and you’ve become a frequent user, it’s important to evaluate how often you are fulfilling the addiction, no matter how small or large, and to consider if this use is abnormal.

2. Determine what effect alcohol or drugs is having on your physical and mental wellbeing

It can be very hard to recognise that you may have an addiction. One of the most thorough ways of knowing is to take a step back and determine what impact alcohol or drugs are having on your wellbeing. Are you suffering with mood swings, tiredness, agitation, memory problems, or perhaps your behaviour has changed, you’ve lost interest in hobbies, you’re withdrawing from responsibilities or you’ve become dishonest or secretive? Once again, consider if these traits are abnormal to you, and whether you are happy living with such traits.

3. Speak to Rehab Recovery, who can offer clear advice on what to do next

If you believe you may have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you have already made incredible progress. Admitting or simply asking the question can be the realisation you need to make a change for good. You can talk with a Rehab Recovery expert in the following ways:

  • Talk online through LiveChat
  • Call their free and confidential advice and helpline [open 24/7] on 0800 088 66 86
  • Request a call back through their website

4. Undergo alcohol or drug rehab treatments, with the help of Rehab Recovery specialists, that are tailored to you

It’s vitally important that you are treated as your own case. The cause of alcohol and drug addiction is so varied that many blanket treatments may not help you find and tackle the root of the issue. Rehab Recovery help you in great detail to understand how best to start your rehabilitation journey:

  • Get tailored advice, based on your exact circumstances
  • Learn all about the different treatments available
  • Receive assistance in picking out the most cost-effective options
  • Benefit from expert information on clinical practice, quality of care and more

One of the biggest factors to consider is whether you want to reside in a rehabilitation centre, where you live for a set amount of time, or whether you want to take on the treatment at home:

  • Rehab Recovery have residential rehabilitation centres all over the UK and abroad
    • You can undergo a 7-day or 28-day program, to suit your needs and availability
    • 24-hour care is available
    • Temptations are removed
    • You are in a positive place, filled with staff and residents who understand what you are going through
  • Private treatments allow you to access tailored programs that you can do from home
    • You can still access leading private clinics
    • You can still have expert medical evaluations
    • You still have a thorough support network
    • You have the ability to continue with work and life commitments

5. Use therapy to your advantage and accept help beyond your addiction

There is no end to the benefits of individually tailored therapy or group therapy. These treatments allow you to explore why you have an addiction, what may be stopping you from reducing your reliance, and even how to improve your mental wellbeing long after your rehabilitation. Therapy topics include:

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy
    • Face problems and remove denial, plus have the tools to respond appropriately in the future
  • Contingency Management
    • Motivation to succeed, celebrating victories small and large
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
    • Accepting change and developing new behaviours
  • Interpersonal Therapy
    • Analysing relationships with others and exploring their positives and negatives

And lots more

One thing not to forget is that when you have achieved rehabilitation, aftercare is incredibly important. Rehab Recovery can help you with both short and long-term aftercare that is designed to ensure continued recovery. 

Beating the addiction can start with a simple conversation

Denial, shame, and fear are some of the key reasons why those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs choose not to address it. However, at Rehab Recovery, those words are not part of their dictionary. After discussing your addiction with one of their experts, you’ll come to the realisation that you are not alone, that there is help out there for you, and that you can overcome this.  

More information

Rehab Recovery is the UK’s first choice facilitator for alcohol rehab services. Spanning far and wide across the UK, their unrivalled knowledge of addiction, combined with their comprehensive history of treating addiction, makes them the first point of call for anybody who wants to seek out advice and help. To learn more about their alcohol and drug rehab and detox services, visit the website: www.rehab-recovery.co.uk or call them for free on their confidential phoneline: 0800 088 66 86

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5 Ways to Recognise and Tackle Alcohol and Drug Addiction: From the UK's Leading Rehab & Recovery Facilitator WeeklyReviewer

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5 Ways to Recognise and Tackle Alcohol and Drug Addiction: From the UK's Leading Rehab & Recovery Facilitator WeeklyReviewer
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