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Immigration in the United states has taken a turn in the last few decades; we look at US immigration from a few perspectives

Human rights issues arise as the mistreatment of immigrants and refugees at the border leave lasting affects on the image of the United States. Once a proud nation boasting opportunity and safety or a working family now threatens those very qualities of life with a stunning amount of precision and racism, now US immigration is a long waiting line with never ending promises, and a storm on the other side.

It’s important to not get caught in the sh*tstorm of news revolving around these topics, so lets get right into what we know about the travel ban and this administrations direct action and belief on immigration.

Understanding current immigration enforcement

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that hindered the affirmation of all refugees for 120 days and restricted seven Muslim majority countries from coming into the US for 90 days in late January this year.

Trump’s so-called travel ban the first iteration of which was unveiled in the president’s first week in office, was upheld in June by the US supreme court, , ceasing most visas for occupants of Libya, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela.

It’s had genuine ramifications for individuals . Kids torn from guardians, displaced people dismissed, and a determined stream of changes to migration guideline and requirement.

To the Americans who champion Donald Trump and think taking action against migration means better lives for Americans, the headlines in 2018 were a fulfillment of campaign promises. To many people, they are obtuse, counterproductive and echo back to “dark ages” in the US history .

Indeed, even as those living in the US unlawfully remain the focus of this migration policy, the organization has tried to rethink what legitimate or legal  immigration looks like, as well, abating or halting those come into the country to seek job opportunities, through their families or relationship with a citizen, or to seek  home as a refugee or for asylum.


Civil rights controversies in the US

There are some controversies going on in the US, as children have been allegedly put into “cages” in Texas by Trump’s migrant separation policies. The Texas facility also known as Ursula has been supposedly called la perrera–dog cage in Spanish by the immigrants. The “cages” have been used to hold immigrants who crossed the border from Mexico illegally in the new zero tolerance policy. A ‘cage’ has about 20 children inside, they have been provided with bottles of water, large foil sheets that are to serve as blankets and bags of chips.

News organisations were given a tour, however, no cages were mentioned. The facility was likened to dorm rooms inside a giant ware house. In order to accommodate the growing numbers of illegal immigrants, cots have been added to the sleeping areas in the facility. Photographs and recordings were not allowed to be taken by journalist in the Texas facility but the immigration security later released several images.

About 4500 complaints of sexual abuse has been received by the US health department and 154 cases are against the facility staff.

President Donald Trump has strong opinions about black and brown immigrants, he portrays Mexicans as “criminals, drug dealers and rapists”. He said Haitians in the united states “all have AIDS”. He has restricted guests from seven Muslim countries in order to keep out ” dangerous and awful people”. He has called undocumented migrants from nations in Latin America “animals”

Racism aside, his anti-immigrant agenda is an effort to put “America first” he claims. He has blamed the migrants for taking jobs away from Americans, bringing down or lowering the wages and costing the US government billions of dollars. He justifies cutting down legal immigration and pushing for a border wall as an approach to relieve American taxpayers and workers from the burden immigrants pose to the country. “Immigrants are coming to kill you” Trump says in his speech.

The president is attempting to drop the work approval conceded to a great many settlers from Focal America who clean government structures, including Trump’s presidential emergency clinic suite at Walter Reed National Military Therapeutic Center.

In January, the Trump administration  declared that around 260,000 Salvadoran foreigners with Temporary protected Status (TPS) would never again have the capacity to live and work lawfully in the Unified States after July 2019. He likewise reported a conclusion to end similar protection for immigrants from Haiti, Sudan, and Nicaragua.


America the inclusive

Study has shown that America and Canada are the two most inclusive and tolerant countries in the world, with regard to who the population see as one of their own. Americans had the inclusive attitudes about immigration who have gained citizenship in the US.

And in regards to the travel ban, there were large mass protests in urban areas like New York, and Los Angeles and smaller protests in Indianapolis, Reno and Omaha. The support for order had been followed by a dramatic protest one of the largest the country has ever seen. The protests advocated for an incorporationist and inclusive view of national identity.

The protests was what led to the view of incorporationism and inclusion the central pillar of America.

Many Americans wondered how America had come to be the way it was. The America they know and love would not establish a restriction on refugee and force a not at all subtle religious test for admission into the country.

Videos of cheering groups welcome migrants as they were discharged from detainment at airports were shares via social media. The celebratory and jubilant welcome here a stark contrast to what the refugees had recently emerged from.

Immigrants the soul of the working people in the US

Over 30% percent of small businesses are owned by immigrants in the United states.Reports also concluded that firms that are half or more owned by immigrants account for 14% of private sector employment and generated $776 billion in receipts in 2007. Immigrants dominate 65% of taxi drivers, 54% of dry cleaning and laundry services and 53% of gas stations. Despite what Trump said, Immigrants have contributed to the tax revenue growth of America amongst other things. Some business leaders wrote Trump a letter saying “overly restrictive immigration policies will likely cause billions of dollars in economic loss to our education and tourist industries and weakened foreign investment.”

In conclusion, most illegal immigrants come through legal means and overstay visas making trump’s wall practically useless. Reports have shown that most Americans are not in support of trump’s so called “travel ban”and migrant separation policies. All things said and done 2018 was the tough year so far as trump’s policies had severe consequences for people.

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