News And Review Podcast Episode 3 – Billionaires, The Billionaire Class and Charity/Donations

News And Review Podcast Episode 3 – Billionaires, The Billionaire Class and Charity/Donations


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Mahim and TJ sit down for a review of news long overdue! Tune in to our perspectives and a down and dirty discussion of Billionaires, The Billionaire Class and Charity/Donations. We all know billionaires (and the top 1%) own pretty much all the wealth in the world, and per country, compared to the rest of it’s citizens. What we fail to comprehend is the News And Review Podcast Episode 3 - Billionaires, The Billionaire Class and Charity/Donations.

While there are a few good charity donators out there, like Bill Gates and Melinda Gates through the gates foundation, Warren Buffet and Mackenzie Scott, we should look toward normalizing this, or giving the government (or governments around the world) a chance to fix it themselves. This could inherently mean sharing the wealth. We plan to make these weekly, so stick around and subscribe for more content!

If you liked this podcast leave a like and subscribe for more! We’re still working on more amazing content that’ll blow your socks off. Tune in for our next episode and comment down below if you have any suggestions. This podcast focuses on the value of each person compared to a billionaire, as well as their vast earnings/income and wealth.

There are many problems worth fixing, and that can be solved instantly through their help.

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