Combat Extremism: Lets grow up

Extremism has taken many forms over the course of human history, and the fight to combat extremism has rarely been fruitful in the past. The image of an extremist recently however, has been shaped by the activities of numerous terrorist groups such as ISIL, Al-Qaida and Boko Haram. (Extremism is in now way limited to ANY one group of people. Unfortunately extremism is a human flaw that stems from a mix of environmental and psychological factors)

Extremist bigotry message be it religious, cultural, or social is a threat to many regions of the world.

Taking over territory and the immediate use of social media to express their brutal crimes is also of great challenge to our shared values of peace, justice, and human dignity.

This begs the question of what humanity can do to combat extremism?

To address this issue we must acknowledge that the global community is not in any way separate from the extremists. They are not separate entities. They are part of our community. However, extremism isn’t exclusively religious.

Good Quality Universal Education (Probably the hardest to accomplish yet the #1 solution to combat extremism)

At the moment, a good quality universal education is the only practical solution to extremism. To have a greater start we must emphasize the social contract theory of government, civil rights, and liberties, as well as the significance of rational philosophy and debate. Only by implementing these on the school level, and allowing the student to go through them over and over, we can maintain those ideas through adulthood and start questioning the foundation that inspires extremism.

Leadership Role

Our leaders must take initiative in leadership and take responsibility of all views held toward issues of the nation.

Replace Cash With Digital Currency

What happens when we substitute cash with digital currency?  This is the only way to stop militias from paying their warriors on the battlefield with cash, achieve influence over scoundrel banks sponsoring terrorists, and isolate militias from fund transfer and also freeze their accounts.

Arrest and detain

     This one should be obvious; Any illegal acts, especially extremist and hateful acts should be dealt with by authorities and handled with care for civilian life.

Address them as who they are   

We often see radical terrorism as an integral part of a particular religion, but in reality, they are not. They are just a group of terrorist with hidden motives. Until we address them as who they are we can never get to the bottom their objectives or affects on the people they influence.

Say no to the cultural doctrine

The line gets blurred for many surrounded by motives and persuasive ideology. Many times contradictions and confirmations of extremist ideology takes over the lifestyle and casts out inclusion. Finding your place, and providing a place for people to feel safe and define their goals without that influence is the golden snitch.

Put an end to the ideology

There is no place for the ideology to cast out individuals of race, gender or any genetic conditions. Humans are acknowledged to be unique and vibrant on their own and that consistency is what makes us human. It becomes very easy for individuals to be influenced by the people and world around them, both positively and negatively. For that reason alone it is difficult to root out any behavior. It’s up to each individual to call out that ideology when it arises and to stand up against it.

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