Affordable Housing in Urban Environments

This is a great read for anyone interested on the topic of affordable housing. Whether you are an interested 3rd party or an active resident in an urban environment (city) this article will have useful information and might give you an interesting take on the outlook of affordable housing.

It is obvious why the 21st century is named the urban century.

More than half of the world population is now living in cities. It is evident that this number will thrive over time as mass migration keep on increasing. This makes me wonders if the cities will be able to accommodate all the new arrivals?

The global populations are enlarging and the need for land and material things are of great threat to the city province.

This begs the question of how can we provide for the ever-increasing masses in our growing cities? Affordable Housing is the only solution to this.

We might easily get rid of housing solutions. But let’s not forget that we are all giving an unreasonable price for it. It’s high time we pull back the trigger and think twice on this matter. At the very least we can make this world affordable for our species.


What is the best way to define affordable housing?

We might have a different definition to this, but the best way to define it is that it is a housing unit that is equitably affordable in stock and position and does cause very little that every portion of the society whose income is below the median household income can afford.


What are the implications?

There are extensive implications to this than just a monthly mortgage matching.

Talking about affordable housing we must put certain factors into consideration this includes the position of the house, green space and other municipal services such as comfortable individual wellness, access to transportation, average utility costs, and also a cup tie concerning physical assets and personal need.

Regardless of how affordable a house is, once the neighborhood is insecure and distant the exchange becomes expensive and the health effect will be astral to the resident.

Let’s not forget the lack of healthy fresh food, the rise of temperature due to the necessity for air conditioning systems, and the unexpected cost of bus fare on the pay check

When justifying all these factors, surely the idea of ‘affordability’ needs further composite scrutiny.


Affordable housing in Cities


The future is green

To have healthy cities, we must figure a way to live with green space and human connectivity in mind. We must give priority to our environment over individual projects.

Having a concise plan within the context of sustainability is the answer to the hot air of overpopulation not just a cheap roof over our heads.

The way we live and interact with each other can easily be change by trails, permeable courtyards, and gardens. This is also one if the easiest strategy by which strangers become neighbors with just titles and stories and an emergent intellect of belonging which in turn offer a crucial foundation to community building.


Who Cares about affordable housing?

This is everybody’s problem. Teamwork must be at the center of vision and strategy. We must think big and also crafted a bigger picture and also understand the need for living, not just housing.

To create sustainable communities for affordable living we must focus on environmental sustainability, community, wellness benefits, and place creation.

Cooperating with the local and national governments, as well as developers, conservationists, ecologists, and urbanists will always be essential to the process.

Government units, organizations, and companies alike strive to provide future-ready solutions that can counter the effects of urbanization on the environment and the community. Only by collaborating with these units we could come up with a viable solution to low-cost housing, and finally, change the perception and the model of affordable living.


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