Affordable Education

The Quest for affordable education has increased over the years and to make colleges more affordable for all, we must make the issue a priority.

At the moment, this issue isn’t a priority. There are ongoing discussions everywhere about how it matters, but they aren’t good enough to make the matter a primary concern.

If you want college to be affordable for all, by now, you should have come up with a strategy that is viable for both students and the industry.

To realize an affordable education for all, I think we must make a “first-degree program free for everyone.” The idea is quite simple we just have to finance public colleges and universities and make sure that all resources are allocated accordingly such that the associate degree program is provided free of charge without tuition, and any other charges such as books and supplies, and also sponsored transportation, housing, and sustainable food, as well as work special work packages for those who need the extra cash.

We made elementary school free for all, why can’t we make associate degree program free? I lay much emphasis on the associate degree for the fact that it’s the most valuable post-secondary degree, unless it’s free for everyone there are myriad of students out there who can’t cross the finish line to complete it. Bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, is even more valuable, but people who get that far are quite fortunate.

The task might be arduous but surely free education is the price. There are series of ways to settle this from raising taxes on certain people to focusing on choice instead of affordability by demanding little to no accountability while offering a huge amount of tax money to fund private for-profit and non-profit colleges and universities. We can make it up to the masses if only we focus on spending on the public sectors for the next fifty years. This way, we can easily realize the first-degree program in the future with almost no new spending.

Other alternative solutions on the Quest for Affordable Education;

Finance tuition freezes

There is a need for logical resources to assist students to finish college within the required time and offer them an outstanding environment that is conducive for learning as well as growing their opportunity to provide back in the workforce. This will not only save them from getting hurt but will also prevent our colleges and universities from starving.

The only way to keep our educational standard high is by financing tuition, through this student spend less of their hard earned money. Fix the federal work-study program.

Affordable housing

Expensive housing near college and universities must be avoided at all costs. There is a need for mixed-income alternatives that value specific and expensive housing protest on and near college campuses. Imagine if students attending public universities had better options for commuters, or even more opportunities for on campus housing.

It is in our scope to address these issues, though it is still a coin toss for industries to begin refinancing and moving funds out of one department to another.

Assist students in all ways possible to make education affordable and their number 1 priority

Students must be assisted in any way possible from financial assistance to supportive services such as food and stamps. There is also the need to drive down the need for expensive learning materials through open educational resources movement. Book costs rise in this age mainly through the targeting of the University to acquire particular books.

Not all books are equal, and so we must acknowledge that some books are valuable to a lesson; while others have knowledge that can be obtained for free online.
While students do have options (sometimes) for work study programs, tuition waves/scholarships/fellowships; not all students need them as much as others. This is not to say they don’t deserve it for the merit they received it for, but solid base for offering affordable education needs to be consistent and guaranteed (Or there will be guaranteed student debt and more)

Thank you for reading this article! I wrote this with the intention of bringing light to the issue of student debt. In the US, and many other countries that follow this ordeal, have “crippling student debt” in that they cripple the students, families and economies as a whole. Let’s not let education, a solution to problems, be the source of our problems.

Mahim Gupta
Mahim Gupta
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