What is a Blue Wave and how to ride it

The upcoming presidential race in the US

We have so many democratic nominations now, much like in the last election for the republican party with this blue wave and wave of confidence democrats could sweep the nation with idealism and policy introduction.

What is a wave?

A mid-term wave is a situation where one party gets a total of 20 seats in the house of reps. This has happened about 8 times within the last 70 years. One happened against bill Clinton in 1994 and one against Obama in 2010. Many wave election occurs during the mid term elections where the opposition party will dominate the seats of house of representatives and the senate.

A blue wave is democratic sweep in the mid term elections. It is explicitly the possibility that the democrats could win control of the house of representatives and Senate.

Democrats have delighted in an advantage for a significant part of the Trump period, driving a few surveyors and intellectuals to anticipate a rise in voter turnout that could flip purple and even some red areas blue.

They trust an impact of early voting transversely over states like Florida, Texas and Nevada is extra affirmation of their vitality opening. Open and surveying,  in any case, prescribes Republican voters are getting continuously stimulated as the day of the decision approaches.

In the House race, the chances are still in the Democrats’ support.

The midterm decisions will choose whether Republicans keep control of the house of representatives for the last two years of Trump’s first term. Regardless of whether Democrats lose the Senate and win the House, they could square Trump’s plan and use subpoena capacity to examine his numerous outrages. Some in the party’s far-left wing have likewise pledged to impeach the president and provide health care services to all American citizens.

Notwithstanding Republican led endeavors across the country to draw gerrymandered congressional districts, flood our politics with money and stifle the vote, the American people elected a wave of democrats who are focused on unrigging our broken political system and making it progressively receptive to the general population.

There are signs that the Democrats’ situation in the expanding House front line may really be improving. However Republican candidates secured tight races from New York to Nevada wind up in more stronger than-anticipated positions because of a jolt President Donald Trump’s popularity, the result of a disruptive Court fight and the abrupt spotlight on a train of Latin American migrants seeking refuge at the U.S. borders.

Although, the democrats succeeded in taking the house of representatives from the republicans, the blue wave failed to materialize. The republicans won the senate.

Democrats and their socialist view initiate the Blue Wave

Democrats have promised to restore democracy. They have promised to ensure each citizen’s entitlement to vote, put an end in the revolving door in Washington and setting the lobbyists in order, protect electoral infrastructure from foreign attackers, make sure that public servants serve the general public and not use their position for their own selfish in interests, advance the national automatic voter registration, expand early and absentee votes, take action against fanatic gerrymandering. According to them, these are the basic and fundamental changes that will resuscitate America’s popular government–democracy. Making it all the more reasonable and essentially ensuring that it really works for the general population. When the government works for the general population, and not the money, they will have the capacity to convey the change Americans need to see. That incorporates raising wages, creating jobs and ensuring reasonable pay,transforming the country’s immigration system and passing the dream act. Passing equality rights, high speed internet, protect American consumers, lowering prescription drug cost, providing high quality education.

It is clear that the present administration does not care for the common American. They watch as the republican administration reward wealthy citizens and well connected people leaving the ordinary American behind. This people are frustrated with the government. The Government has torn down consumer protection, blocked all efforts to lower prescription drug cost, torn down workers right it is crystal that the system does not put the public interests first.

That is why the Democrats made a vital promise to the Americans to  tidy up the confusion and corruption in Washington, fix this rigged system and fight for the general public. 

Bernie Sanders commences 2020 presidential campaign and flagships the blue wave

Bernie Sanders commenced his presidential campaign very close to the condo where he grew up in Brooklyn, and strongly presented the defense that he is in no way like the “New Yorker” Donald Trump. Sanders has never shied from tending to Trump in obvious terms. He called Trump “the most dangerous president in current American history” and said the president wants to “divide us up’.

Sanders announced himself the Democrat best arranged to beat the current president in 2020’s presidential election. The rally was his first campaign, since declaring that he would run for the office of the president.

Past the issues themselves, Sanders, who experienced childhood in the profound Jewish neighborhood of Flatbush in a working class family, drew a glaring difference between himself and the ‘billionaire’ in the White House who hails from queens.–trump

In his speech, he guaranteed an administration that would “unite America”. He laid out various strategies and made a few promises. As president, he said he would:

Create jobs,  to guarantee all Americans have jobs.

Increase the minimum wage from $7.25 (£5.50) to $15

 Change migration policies, including permitting a huge number of undocumented immigrants to remain in the US .

Make colleges and universities educational cost free .

Change human services to give all inclusive inclusion  

He guaranteed to fight for “financial equity, social equity, racial equity and natural equity”.

In conclusion, controlling trump isn’t enough, they should win the presidency. The present administration does not favor the “common American”. We seek democrats who will revitalize our economy, fulfill their promises and bring change. And with the newfound wave of confidence democrats actually stand a chance against the republicans.

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