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There are many performance tuning software that you can consider to improve the performance of your PC. While you are looking for software to help optimize your computer, you need to find one that has features that will give you value for your money. Most people will look for software that only cleans up their software to improve the performance of your PC. This is not enough to optimize and clean your gadget. The Iolo system mechanic professional for unlimited PCs provides this functionality and more. This way, your machine operates as if new, and you get to enjoy using it. 


System Mechanic Professional Review WeeklyReviewer System Mechanic ProfessionalSystem Mechanic Professional Review WeeklyReviewer System Mechanic Professional

The System Mechanic Professional – Unlimited PCs Version 11 is a powerful performance tuning tool that improves the overall performance of your computer as well as providing you the privacy you need. The software has two main functionalities you can use to clean your computer. First, you can do a quick scan, which only scans for junk windows and internet files. These are removed and free up extra space on your gadget. The second scan is the deep scan that scans for registry files, defrags your hard drive, and stops any programs that can result in the PC slowing down. After either of the scans, the software gives back a score and an offer to rectify the issues discovered. One way of fixing issues identified is by using the repair function, which will automatically correct these issues, or you can choose to check all the problems found, possible causes, and then fix them. Besides, it also fixes any issues on cyber threats such as malware and even protecting you from ad trackers. 

Benefits of System Mechanic Professional

First, the Iolo System Mechanic Professional – Unlimited PCs Version 11 offers unlimited licenses, which means that you can install this software in all your PCs in your household or office. Additionally, it explains the issues that the scans bring out. You can then proceed to fix them after knowing what is causing them. The deep scans usually scan the registry files for any issues. During these scans, the software provides a backup for the registry files, especially on windows 10. A significant benefit is privacy that the software offers. The system defense removes all sensitive data from your PC while the system shield blocks malware and virus, and the anti-spyware protects you from malicious activities and any identity theft. These are all utilities that ensure that you get the maximum use of your gadget. 


The Iolo System Mechanic Professional – Unlimited PCs Version 11 has unique features which make it an exceptional product on the market: 

  • The product offers automatic updates of the software once you install it. These updates will ensure you keep up with any changes in the software. 
  • It allows unlimited installation of an unlimited number of PCs. 
  • The product is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, and Windows 10. 
  • It has powerful algorithms that fix your system hence preventing crashes or the PC freeze, clean up system cluster, and improving RMA and CPU usage. 
  • Has extra privacy aspects such as system defense for permanently removing sensitive and personal information
  • System shield that blocks virus and malware 
  • Anti-spyware that stops any malicious activities and protects you from identity theft. 
  • Lastly, you can recover files that you accidentally delete. 

Customer satisfaction 

A large percentage of the users attest to the software being useful in helping them clean up their computers. They also found it essential that the software explains the issues affecting the computer. The extra layer of the security supplied protects users from malicious activities and malware. However, the software can lead to damage to registry files, especially for people who have no idea of repairing registry files. This feature should be more explained to users to get a better understanding of what repairing registry files mean. 

Advantages and disadvantages of System Mechanic Professional

This performance package has unique utilities that improve the performance of your computer. Once installed, you get automatic updates on your software, keeping you protected and updated on algorithms for computer cleaning. The two methods of scanning for junk files and errors ensure that either way, you get an understanding of the issues slowing down the speed of your PC. Another advantage is that you can install the software on several PCs in your households. The software, however, is only compatible with Windows 7 and higher. 

Common Questions Asked 


The Iolo System Mechanic Professional – Unlimited PCs Version 11 is a powerful utility and repair software that maximizes the functionality of your computer as well as providing privacy. This pro version has features that scan for damaged files, errors, defragments registry files, and any other programs that slow down the performance of your computer. Besides, the additional privacy features to protect you from other people accessing your personal information. It also offers protection against malware, theft identity, and any malicious activities. The fact that you can install this software on multiple computers reduces the costs of buying a different license for each machine. Moreover, you receive automatic updates that get installed; hence, you are protected all the time. This is a recommendable software that ultimately gives you value for your money. 

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