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Want to make your PC faster, user friendly, multi-tasking and protective against malwares just make sure that you have Microsoft Windows 10 Home installed in your PC. As life is becoming compact, so the system should also be alike. The Microsoft Window 10 Home is only designed for its valuable users. These windows are helpful for every age group and provide efficient platform to solve their various issues. Windows 10 PCs are far better than other PCs.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Review WeeklyReviewer Microsoft Windows 10 Home


Windows 10 is an Operating System for PCs, tablets mobiles and other devices. Microsoft Windows 10 was available 4 years ago dated July 15, 2015. It is written in the different languages such ha C, C++ etc. These Windows are available in versatile languages. It was launched after Windows 8.1. The live-tile display makes these Windows attractive and easy to comprehend. It is available by download or sale online. If you are an inexperienced user and are short of money then Windows 10 is the best option for your PC. These Windows are built on Windows NT Kernel. Windows 10 Home is available free for Window 7 and Window 8 users as a direct update but only for one year after the launch.


Windows 10 consume less battery. The start button at the bottom of screen includes a search button which search simultaneously in your PC and web. These Windows are the most secure windows designed by Microsoft ever. Windows 10 automatically compress the file and make them easily place in your PC. The start button which was disappeared in Windows 8 has been introduced again in Windows 10 which makes these Windows user friendly. The touch mode available for the tablets makes these Windows able to be used in devices having both laptops and tablet mode. The protection and security system such as finger scanning face recognition etc. have made these windows completely different from older Windows version. The operating system is very efficient and at the same time requires less processing power. The issue of time consumption of the office holder person is now being solver by Windows 10 Home. The startup time is improved a lot. The best benefit of Windows 10 Home is that the Microsoft has declared that the update will be provided till October 2020 and support will be provided till 2025. The best thing is that all these benefits are given to you without any extra cost.

Features of Microsoft Windows 10 Home

  • 3D view
  • Windows hello for security purpose
  • Mixer game broadcasting
  • Presence of direct X12
  • Multi apps in process simultaneously
  • Virtual desktop
  • Dark and light modes
  • Voice typing
  • Screen capturing tool
  • Game bar
  • Universal search box Cortana
  • Wi-Fi sense is available
  • Resizing of Windows

Customer satisfaction

With over 800 million installation (according to Microsoft), Windows 10 now claims over 59 percent of the Windows market. This is only due to easy access and the different features present in Windows 10 as compared to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Most of the users recommend Windows 10 Home due to its unmatchable speed and security. Microsoft has designed these Windows by keeping in mind the demand of user. The edge design of Windows 10 Home is praised by almost every user. The Start Menu of Windows 10 Home is entirely different from Mac OS due to which Windows 10 Home has made its place in the PC of all its users. The customers are completely satisfied because of the license provided by Trial ware, Microsoft Software, Assurance, MSDN subscription and Microsoft Image. Every customer wants to save time and Microsoft Windows 10 has provided this facility by its unique speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Windows 10 Home

  • The biggest advantage of the Microsoft Windows 10 Home is the redesigned UI.
  •  The updating process of Windows 10 will not harm or delete your files, but sometimes the upgrading leads to system crash.
  •  A new browser Microsoft Edge is introduced in Windows 10.
  • Cortana the personal assistant is very useful but by using her some personal information is shared with Microsoft.
  •  Windows 10 has made the updating of the software automatic and easier.
  •  The user can now add more than one task to his desktop by using the task view feature.
  •  Easy, handy run on every type of PC, secure, attractive, complete, updated and beautiful layout are the major advantages of Windows 10.
  • The new Action Center recently updated in Windows 10 has completely shifted its uses towards itself.

Common asked Questions


For the past many years Windows have crossed every hurdle to make its user feel easy and relax while using his PC. Windows 10 Home is designed for the standard at home user. It lack some features of broad market but on the bright side it includes all the features which a user needs at home. Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Hello Window, Touch Display and many others like this are the features which have made it the best option for the users. There are numbers of factors due to which the customer should upgrade his operating system from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The Action Center and Customized Start Menu with a touch screen has increased the productivity of the desktop.

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