Microsoft Office 365 Personal

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Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Microsoft Office 365 Personal, as it is known by many people, is a suite that works based on subscriptions. Once a user subscribes, he or she can easily access various software and Microsoft services. The product was launched in the year 2012, and it has consistently provided periodic updates as well as providing improvements to the productivity suite in the cloud. It is aimed at mainstreaming families and consumers. There is an Office 365 Home Option, which was initially being called Home Premium. Microsoft Office 365 Personal gives you access to One Drive Storage of up to 20 GB, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS Outlook, One Note, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and MS Word. Once you install it, you are given 60 Skype calling minutes to call per month, and you can call any part of the world, up to sixty countries. Office 365 Personal can be installed on five tablets and a maximum of five Macs or five personal computers. Microsoft Office 365 Personal is a new version that will help ease the way of doing business.    

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Microsoft Office 365 Personal gives you one solution across a number of devices. The ease with which a user accesses One Note, PowerPoint, Excel, Word makes the product a lovable one since it lightens the number of software that one has to install to work from a personal computer. When you have Microsoft Office 365 Personal, the digital pen is your powerful tool to edit documents more than any other you have had. Use the pen intuitively to make some of the edits you may need in MS Word. You are free to circle text so as to select it, strikethrough words that need to be deleted, and you can also snap a highlighter ink to your text. Microsoft Office 365 Personal works anywhere in the world with applications that are ever updated with the most up to date features. You will receive a cloud storage of up to 1 TB.


Microsoft Office 365 Personal is primarily made for one person at a time

It can work in various platforms

You can stay signed in for a maximum of five devices

Every user has a storage capacity of 1 TB in the cloud

Every user is given a 12 month subscription

There are premium version applications on Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Every user gets 60 Skype minutes to call up to sixty countries across the world

There is a technical support that one can access through chat so as to solve any challenges. You chat with Microsoft experts who help you speedily so that your projects are not stalled.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal provides a file recovery model and a ransomware detection model. Your files will not just be victims of the viruses that make others grounded as they work.

Every user is given the capability of securing sharing and syncing documents on the web.

Customer satisfaction

Microsoft Office 365 Personal has been feted by many customers due to the way it makes work easy for them. Most of them are happy about finding various Microsoft software under one roof. There are not many apps that can gather such Microsoft software in one application and avail the help provided by the Microsoft experts. Customers view Microsoft Office 365 Personal as a game changer in that it gives one the freedom of operating online without fear since there is the ransomware detection software that will guard the files of the user. The ease with which it allows user to collaborate online with other users is also priceless as it has helped many to work easily online.  

Advantages and disadvantages

Being the premium application that Microsoft Office 365 Personal is, it is known to provide technical support to users in case of difficulty. The app is not easily attacked by malware and ransomware since the detection ability is high. The users have the freedom to save their documents in the cloud up to a maximum of 1 TB. Be that as it may, some of the users complained of the time taken to respond to queries especially when they need immediate attention. If you try to work with Microsoft Office 365 Personal on a lower Android enabled device, some of the apps will not work and they seem inactive.  

Common questions asked


Microsoft Office 365 Personal is the best that you have been looking for since it solves all your problems at a go. The storage space you receive of 1 TB in the cloud makes it even better.

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