Microsoft OEM Windows 10 Home 64-bit review

When you hear the term “operating system” the first thing or word that comes to your mind is the operating system either you to use or you are using. Operating system can be simply described as “The soul of your computing device”. For mobile phones there are number of operating systems that are being used such as android, IOS, Blackberry OS and many more, you have to choose the one which best suits you. Same is the case with computing devices there are also number of operating systems available for computing devices such as mac OS, windows and etc. You have to choose the best for your use.

Further in windows there are many versions such as Windows 8, Windows vista, Windows 10 and etc. These are further divided into sub-categories such as Home, Education, Enterprise and Pro. Each sub-category has two versions Retail and OEM. We will here only discuss Retail and OEM versions of Windows 10 Home.


Microsoft OEM Windows 10 Home 64-bit

OEM means “original equipment manufacturers”. The company that produces some product which is to be used as sub product if any other company, so the company that is producing it originally in called OEM.  OEM version is used by large number of laptop manufacturers such as Dell, Asus, Hp and etc. They use it because this OEM version license key cannot be transferred to any other device.

OEM vs Retail

OEM and Retail are two versions of license keys that are put in computing devices. When you compare both each one has its own advantages and limitations. The big difference in both is difference of their prices, OEM version is almost half of the price of Retail version but the functions they do are identical only with slight difference of limitations.

64-bit vs 32-bit

As this is 64-bit version so it is best for one who want to have smooth, fast and lag free experience. Instead if you use 32-bit version which is not compatible with your device you may face some issues in terms of performance. 64-bit version of Windows is more smooth, fast and reliable as compared to the 32-bit version.

Home vs Pro

Home version of windows is the basic version for some basic and personal usage, where pro is used to give your data high security. Some of the features that are in Pro version are not present in Home version but they all are related to the data security. If someone is looking for the basic features and do not need any data security features home version is best for him.

Minimum requirements

There are some minimum hardware requirements that are needed to be fulfilled if you want to use this product “Microsoft OEM Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 1 DVD pack”. They are minimum hardware requirements that are needed to be installed in your computing device to use this product with good experience. These requirements are aa following.


The minimum processor needed is 2 gigahertz (GHZ) or more to run this product smoothly onbyour computer.


The minimum ram required to run this product is 2 gigabytes(GB) or above.


The minimum required storage is 32 gigabytes (GB) and also some more free storage for updates.


The minimum required display resolution to run this product on your computer is 800×600 or more. Less then this resolution is not acceptable.

Internet connection

A internet connection is also required to start running this software on your computer but there is no minimum speed. The internet connection can be of any speed slow or fast.

Above are the some minimum requirements that are needed to be fulfilled if you want to run this software product on your computing device.

Advantages of OEM

The biggest advantage of OEM version is its price. OEM version is almost half of the price of retail version with same nature of usage. There is no difference between them in terms of usage although there is big difference in prices of both.


The big difference in prices of both due to some limitations of OEM version. The main limitation is that you cannot transfer the license key of OEM to any other device, because license key of OEM version sticks to the motherboard of device that is being used. Second limitation is that you cannot make major hardware changes in your computing device in case of OEM version, you can change the Ram, Storage hardware and graphic card but you cannot replace the motherboard of your computing device, because OEM license key will stick to your computer’s hardware and you have to purchase new key if you want to replace the motherboard of your device.

Above are some limitations of OEM version but in terms of usage and features both are absolutely same.


The above mentioned product “Microsoft OEM Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 1-pack DVD” is best for you, if you area kind of person who do not change his device every now and then. If you are fond if changing your device and getting it updated this version is clearly not for you. Despite its high price retail version is same as OEM version in terms of usage.

OEM version is same as retail version in terms of usage but have certain limitations. These limitations are important to some people and for some people it does not mean much. Simply we can say that if you are using your device personally, do not want to have any data security features, do not change your device every now and then and want a cheaper product then this product “Microsoft OEM Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 1 DVD pack” is best for you.

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