How To Record Video On Mac?

How To Record Video On Mac?

Mac screenshots and video recordings used to be a nightmare, probably made known to all longtime and active macOS users, who at one point they tried to capture what they did on their screen, or record a video. But how to record video on mac?

Fortunately, everything has changed with the latest version of macOS Mojave 10.14, which has got an incredibly simple and fast screen capture capability and video recordings, and is tied to the screenshot option, which now lets you record video of what’s happening on your screen, as well as video of the user.

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How to record a video on mac using the screenshot option?

For everyone who is wondering how to record video on mac, here are some tips.

Open the screenshot with Shift + Command + 5 or as you are used to. The application will open as a toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

There are two options to choose from – will you shoot the entire screen or just part of it? Depending on what you choose, click on the appropriate icon.

If you want to capture only part of the screen, you have to choose which part it will be and then click on the Record button.

When you’ve shot everything you want, squeeze in the Stop menu or on the Touchbar if your Mac has one.

The recorded video will appear as a floating thumbnail at the bottom right of the screen, and if you do not need to edit it further just wait for it to disappear from the screen, which will happen in a few seconds. The video will be stored in the selected location under Options in the screenshot toolbar.

Still want to edit the recorded video by clicking the floating thumbnail? A very simple video editor will open, allowing you to perform basic operations such as cropping and cropping a video. To trim the video, click the trim icon. Using a powerful video editor can help make your video easier to digest.

Click Done when you’re done editing to save the video, or Trash if you’ve changed your mind and want to delete it. If you close the video by clicking X, make sure that the video is automatically saved.

Additional features

Clicking on the Options next to the Record button will open a drop-down menu with additional options that you may need when shooting a screen, or record a video of yourself on a mac.

Use this option to choose where the video will be stored when you finish recording. The settings are automatically set to save the video to Desktop, but if you choose Save, you can choose whether to save the video to documents, send it by mail or message, or select another location.

There are some other features that could help you to how to record video on a mac.


The timer is a pretty useful feature because it lets you choose when videos will start recording. If you select None, the video will automatically start recording the moment you start the program. If you want some preparation time, select to start recording after 5 or 10 seconds.


By default, your video will be muted unless you choose otherwise. You can choose whether to use the built-in Mac microphone, and if you have your external microphone connected, the system will automatically recognize it and let you use it.

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Other screen capture apps

The built-in screen capture option that comes with macOS Mojave is enough for most users, especially to record simple videos that don’t need too much editing (or don’t need editing at all).

If you are an advanced user who wants to take your videos to a higher level or deal with them professionally, then you are aware that you will need additional programs.


You will be able to pay $50 but that’s actually a small price considering what this program can do. Extremely easy and easy to use, and with a price much lower than many other competing software.

It is ideal for shooting tutorials and how-to videos, has advanced editing tools, and offers a trial run in the form of a free trial, so if you need such a program, I recommend trying Snagit.


Screenflow offers more but you will have to pay for it and it costs $129. Screenflow is an advanced application that you will enjoy if you need all these features so you can also survive the cost. It offers advanced video editing tools including subtitles and animations, as well as many other professional-quality video editing options.

Giphy Capture

Maybe you only need to capture a few seconds of video or make a GIF? In that case you will like the Giphy Capture app. This application is not for professional recording, much less video editing. It can’t record sound either.

But it’s great if you need short videos or GIFs, as the options offered include GIF, animated JPEG and MP4. If these are your needs then Giphy Capture is the app for you, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s completely free.

Whichever option you choose, you won’t go wrong, though I believe that the Screenshot that comes with Mojave OS will be sufficient for most of the not too demanding users.

And don’t worry, iCloud securely and reliably stores your photos, videos, documents, messages, music, applications and more – and updates them across all your devices. That way, whenever you want, you can have access to the content you want.

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