Closed Schools due to Deadly Covid-19 Coronavirus

These countries have closed schools due to Coronavirus:

Many of the states have closed schools because of the increase in Coronavirus. Covid-19 Coronavirus is contagious and puts a strain on our education system while kids are out. Schools and institutes are closing to regulate the outbreak of Covid-19 Coronavirus. The temporary closure of schools in different countries is to minimize the risk of Coronavirus as the virus is easily transferred from person to person. So, the risk increases exponentially when interacting with different people. Total no of 27 countries recently have announced to close the schools. These countries are getting pieces of advice and support from UNESCO from the protection of the virus.


The closure of schools influenced millions of children. The countries include Japan, South Korea, UAE and Bahrain. Recently, the new country added to the list is Italy where many deaths are confirmed. Many of the countries have decided to shut them for a week, two weeks or even a month. South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan have closed the school for around two months. The UAE has closed schools and colleges for the whole month.


Countries with schools closed:

Following are the list of countries which have temporarily suspended school activities. Closed schools and affected children are expected to stay at least through April at home. Schools closed due to Covid-19 Coronavirus are figuring out new ways to continue teaching kids during a country wide school closures with varying degrees of success.


  • Country-wide school closures:

The total number of 14 countries’ schools’ closure has affected 291,550,056 learners’ country-wide. The list has the following


  1. Armenia has closed schools which have an impact on 437,612 learners.
  2. Azerbaijan school closures affected 1,78,390 learners.
  3. Bahrain close to school activities has 247,489 learners.
  4. China which inclined the Hong Kong and Macao has 233,169,621 learners.
  5. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has 4,229,170 learners.
  6. Georgia has 732,451 learners affected.
  7. Total no of 14,561,998 are affected in Iran.
  8. Italy has 9,039,741 learners affected.
  9. Japan contain 16,496,928 learners.
  10. Kuwait has a total number of 632,988.
  11. Lebanon and Mongolia have 1,132,178 and 870,962, respectively.
  12. Republic of Korea and the United Arab Emirates have 7,044,963 and 1,170,565 affected learners, respectively.


The data above is given by the UNESCO institute, which contains the level at pre-primary, lower-secondary, and upper-secondary. The above learner doesn’t include the tertiary level.


  • Localized school closure:

Total 13 number of countries have localized school closure which includes 471,011,011 number of learners affected. Following are those 13 countries:


  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bhutan
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. India
  6. Iraq
  7. Pakistan
  8. Palestine
  9. Ukraine
  10. United Kingdome of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  11. United States of America
  12. Viet Nam


The data is given to us by UNESCO institutes and the level included are the pre-primary, primary, lower-secondary and upper-secondary level. The learners who are affected in the above countries don’t add the level of tertiary education.

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