Coronavirus in China | COVID-19 Origins – A deadly Outbreak

Coronavirus in China – how it’s treated and how it affects society:

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a kind of virus which usually comes from the bat, pigs and some small mammals. A human from the animal can get infected easily. In December, 2019 a strain of the Coronavirus in China, now commonly known as Covid-19, spread quickly in China and soon other countries around the world.

Coronavirus in China:

We have heard about many deaths due to Coronavirus in China.

China is one of the more prosperous countries, with a GDP growth of 10 percent in the last forty years. China, although the spread of the infection now under control, worked and grieved hard over the last few months, with many deaths due to Covid-19. The trades and stocks decreased with it. It has affected many of the industries in China, people of China cannot move to other countries, the schools are closed, there is an increase in deaths day by day.

Now China, instead of focusing on the new trades, is focusing on providing treatments to infected people and stopping the disease.

Following are the actions taken by the government of China to prevent the Coronavirus Covid-19 disease:

  • They have arranged many trained doctors from all around China.
  • They are focused on those areas where people are affected the most.
  • Immediate building of hospitals and infrastructure support.
  • They closed schools and businesses.

How it affects society?

  • The roads, railways and airs have been closed in China. There is no activity of manufacturing plants and production cuts which causes a massive loss to the people there. It has a direct impact on the society-when people don’t have the income source they are off course severely affected.
  • The schools have been closed in China for many weeks; it has a significant impact on the children and parents are worried about them. If the matter doesn’t get resolved, no one could go out of his home.
  • Many companies do not want to work there if the matter isn’t solved. Apple closed the companies temporary where the Huawei also stopped flights to and from China.
  • Many other businesses such as the pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronic and manufacturing got down in china. Other countries that were involved in trades with China also stopped the import and export to keep themselves safe from Coronavirus.
  • The stock market got down, and people are at risk to lose their money.
  • Losing someone in a family isn’t easy to bear. There is grief in many homes in china. There are many losses of lives there, and the situation isn’t good.
  • The events and everything is closed. People are limited to their houses, and they cannot even talk to each other because of the fear of getting the virus.

How Coronavirus is treated?

  • There is no such treatment for Coronavirus, and people do end up getting healthy on their own. Proper isolation and quarantine till you are no longer contagious is an absolute must. Doctors can prescribe pain, fever and medications to help with symptoms.
  • An accessible treatment of home is whenever you feel something isn’t right, start drinking a lot of fluids. Relax and rest a lot. Don’t panic and overwhelm your medical system for the first few months while cases rise for the Coronavirus Covid-19 virus.
  • You can also wear a mask, gloves, and other protective material when you contact anyone. Hand-sanitizer and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds will ensure your hands are infection free. After touching something contaminated, never touch your face. Wash or sanitize your hands immediately.

But as the situation isn’t like a normal Coronavirus in China, so many countries are working to find the best treatment for it.

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