CleanMyMac X Review

CleanMyMac X Review

There is no other better option to optimize your overall MacOS performance with CleanMyMac X.  Thus, with the CleanMyMac X app you can clean, monitor and remove malware functions on your Mac easily for a more improved performance.  The development team behind the success of CleanMyMac, MacPaw has different ideas for this 2020 updated version.  They chose to regenerate CleanMyMac in a new form, which is called CleanMyMac X.

Before going any further in terms of CleanMyMac X review, what is actually CleanMyMac X?  It is a software or an app that is used for MacOS users, that works primarily for your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.  This app’s utility will definitely help you enjoy your Mac even more.  Since this essential software program comes with raw functions, it helps you remove junk from your laptop as well as to properly analyze any storage.  The highlight of the software application lies in the fact that it even helps organize your Mac like a pro.

CleanMyMac X Review

Therefore, this CleanMyMac X review will analyze what actually makes CleanMyMac the perfect app for smart scanning your Mac.  Consider some of their advantages below:

  • A much improved “Smart Clean”, or now it has changed to “Smart Scan”— this new version of CleanMyMac has a ton of new features that you shouldn’t just skip, especially the Smart Scan feature.  This feature not only cleans junk or unwanted files, such as large files, photos, mail, iTunes, etc. on your Mac, it also looks for any potentially damaging apps, as well as improving the overall system’s performance in just a double click.
  • CleanMyMac X Menu— this feature pays attention to the overall status of the Mac itself, displays any indicators of the hard drive, battery, memory and the CPU.  Hence, you will notice how much space is left in your Dropbox account.
  • Malware Removal Feature— not only monitors, but also indicates suspicious apps and removes them from the system.  MacPaw regularly updates its CleanMyMac X database to always detect any kind of Malware, keeping your Mac safe.
  • CleanMyMac X Assistant— you can get tips on using CleanMyMac X more effectively.  The assistant bar will also remind you to continue with some cleaning procedures that you might have forgotten.

So, what are the drawbacks of this smart-clean app?  In fact, the only thing that needs more improvement in the system is the Malware Removal system which needs to be fixed.  This is because some suspected apps to indicate more threats are left out, such as the Advanced Mac Cleaner and MacKeeper.  Usually, what happens in these two programs, they will notify you of the number of threats found in the system.  As a result, you will need to manually uninstall some apps.

So, choose the CleanMyMac X in order to safe-clean your Mac, get 5x more free space, get more responsive apps, and get everything done at speed (4x faster).  Overall, enough until here regarding the CleanMyMac X review, which provides a smart choice to save your Mac from any possible breakdown or inefficiency.

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