Best External Hard Drive for PS4

Why do I need an External Hard Drive for PS4

Whether you game on the Playstation or Xbox, you’ll want an External Hard Drive for PS4 and the Xbox One. With a boost of storage and speed, an external hard drive for PS4 or Xbox can optimize your gaming experience.

The one hectic thing which haunts the gamers is the storage capacity of their systems, and the gaming speed. For this purpose, tech companies have come up with massive number of storage devices that can facilitate the storage of computers and consoles. Here you will learn about which is the best external hard drive for PS4, we will describe the basic features of external hard drives and procedure of setting things up.

There are multiple options available for gamers to choose according to their requirements, multiple price ranges are available for the gamers, with storage capacity up to 4TB, recently there is a decrease in hard drive prices that increased the demand of external hard drives. They have options SSD for increasing the gaming speed.

Best External Hard Drives for PS4

External Hard drives are useful for those who have their internal hard drives full, they are easy to setup than internal hard drives which needs to install drivers before working. These external hard drives make it easy for the gamers to boost up gaming speed.

The Basic purpose of an external hard drive is to increase the storage capacity of the computer, external hard drives can be connected to the PS4 by different methods, via USB, via thunderbolt connection, every PlayStation have their compatible hard drives which can be connected at any time to increase their storage capacity.

Categories of Best External Hard drive for PS4

There are several external hard drives that can be connected with PS4, depending on the specifications of PlayStation. It depends on the demands of gamer, how much space they required? what is the highest speed they wanted to achieve? These are some basic questions before buying an external hard drive.

Following things are basic considerations before buying an external hard drive.

  • Capacity of Storage: The basic purpose of buying an external hard drive is to increase the storage capacity of PlayStation, the PS4 have built in 500GB to 1000GB storage capacity, but for pro gamers this might falls short at a time, for that purpose they seek for an optional storage device. Because the latest version of PS4 have to play 4K media files which is not possible for a typical PS4.
  • Loading Speed: The loading speed of an external hide drives are hard to decide because of the similar speeds offered by many devices. External hard drives which have exceptional high speed have premium prices, many latest versions of hard drives have similar running speed which is difficult to distinguish.
  • Connectivity: The most important feature of an external hard drive is the connectivity. There are multiple types of connection that can be setup with an external hard drive. Every external hard drive has different connectivity range, some latest versions of connection types are USB 3.0, USB TYPE-C, USB 3.1 with generation 2. The best external hard drive for PS4 connection would be USB 3.1, because it can transfer up to 5GB/sec which is a great speed for any pro-gamers.
  • Revolution Per Minute: The SSD technology has transformed the play station gaming, this technology enables to boost the RPM massively. Typical hard drives have 5400-7200RPM which is normal speed for the gamers, but SSD devices have much greater speed than these typical devices, but for this purpose you have to pay an extra premium pricing.

Popular Best External Hard Drive for PS4

Seagate Backup Plus Hub

Seagate Backup Plus Hub, External hard drive for PS4

This hard drive has the greatest capacity of all the popular drives up to 10TB. When you are ready to purchase a hard drive that can increase your storage capacity up to three times this is the best suitable option. Although it is quite expensive than other hard drives but its function can cover up the cost.

Seagate Backup: The Seagate company offers best external hard drives for PS4 at affordable prices, this company is famous only for their reliable hard drives which are according to the expectations of their customers. The most popular of the external hard drives is the Seagate hard drive with following specs.

Type: Portable

Storage: 1TB – 5TB

Read & Write Speed: 151 Mb/sec to 134 Mb/sec

Western Digital My Passport

Western Digital My Passport, External hard drive for PS4

The second most reliable hard drives are Western Digital Passport, which has many attractive features. It may not compete with Seagate but it has many other compatible functions including its sleek design and RPM speed. Following are basic specs of western digital my passport.

Type: Portable HDD

RPM: 5400

Capacity: 1TB – 4TB

Toshiba Canvio Basics

Toshiba Canvio Basics, External hard drive for PS4

If you are searching for a cheap solution for an external hard drive, the Toshiba Canvio will be the right option. It may not match the speed of above hard drives but at the bases of this price, this is most suitable option. Although the style is not so attractive but the core functions are much better for gamers.

All you want is to double your PS4 storage capacity, this hard drive can do it very cheaply. Following are the specs.

Type: Portable HDD

RPM: 5400

Storage: 1TB-4TB

Concluded Words

In the end, it depends on you to decide, because you are better aware of your system and budget limits. We have provided you with enough information about the basic and technical functions of external hard drives, you can decide on the bases of your requirements. You can use these facts and figures in order to plan for your next external hard drive. The pro-gamers will find it helpful for their decisions.

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