Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Children Busy During Quarantine

How To Keep Your Children Busy During Quarantine

How To Keep Your Children Busy During Quarantine
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In times of forced confinement and closed schools, parents exchange ideas to occupy their children. Some also have to manage their work remotely. It is not easy to keep a cool head and find activities in these conditions. When schools and daycares are closed, how you keep your children busy during the quarantine can impact both of your growths.

Daycares, schools, colleges, high schools, and universities have closed since March in an effort to stop the Coronavirus epidemic. Museums, restaurants, swimming pools, cinemas and parks are also inaccessible. Therefore, the choice of activities to offer young children is limited.

You and your partner are stuck at home, a computer bolted to your thighs if you have opted for telecommuting. After breakfast, the children rush to you. And after an hour, you’re already screaming and pulling your hair out. How to avoid this drama? And how to survive a period of confinement whose duration remains indefinite? Here are some tips to keep your children busy during quarantine.


Depending on the type of work you need to provide, you can work out a schedule with your partner for one of you to keep your children busy, while the other takes care of the most urgent tasks.

If you are the father of a baby or very young child, it will be easier to work while they sleep: late at night, early in the morning or at nap time. Often if there is more than one child, it can get complicated quickly. Therefore, you should plan accordingly!


Even the youngest can understand the situation we are going through. Find the right words according to the child’s age to explain, without drama, the principle of the virus and transmission, without hesitating and without distressing them.

Here is a great video for parents to learn about COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Also check out our quick video to keep yourself and your family safe!

Develops imagination

It’s time to dust off the old fashioned pastimes! Board games, painting, DIY, modeling clay, salt dough, coloring, cutting, origami and puzzles will occupy your child for more or less time. You can let the little ones soak in a bath with foam and toys, but your goal is to spend time with them.

For older kids, it’s time to dive into reading, listening to audiobooks, or even writing a story on a certain topic. A large table or a roll of paper and large pencils or chalks will keep your kids busy for a long time.

Do sport

Adults and children must continue to move, despite containment measures, to keep fit. You can practice some simple family gymnastics or exercises, or even try new practices, like parent / child yoga. For some children, it is essential. Whether group activities or solo running, get your kids moving!

Cooking and gardening

These days at home can give you an opportunity to include your children in daily household chores and to get them started in the kitchen and gardening. You can learn new recipes, make cakes with the right equipment, or even entrust the preparation or planning of a complete meal to your age.

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