VetComm Urges Action: The Unsettling Impact of Free College on Military Recruitment Threatens National Security

As a leading provider of innovative veteran’s solutions, VetComm supports a modern solution with the Veteran Entrepreneur Act to Reignite the Spirit of Service

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As the United States grapples with a historic recruiting crisis within the military, VetComm, a leading advocate for veterans’ rights, is drawing attention to the adverse effects of calls for free college on recruitment. The decline in military enlistment, particularly in the Army, Navy and Air Force, poses a significant threat to national security and demands a reevaluation of policies surrounding education incentives for service members. As such, VetComm is highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address this concerning trend.

Last month the Department of Defense (DOD) acknowledged that they collectively missed recruiting goals by about 41,000 recruits. The decline in military recruitment is represented most acutely in Gen Z, which has a low trust in institutions. As well, the “family tradition/legacy” trend has faced a sharp pivot. In 1995, 40% of young people had a parent who served in the military. By 2022, just 12% had a parent who had served.

Kate Monroe, CEO of VetComm and a distinguished veteran, is currently running for Congress in California’s 49th Congressional District. She expressed concern over the diminishing appeal of military service among the youth. “In our nation’s past, veterans were rewarded with benefits like free college education, a gesture of gratitude for their honorable service. Today, the push for universal free college is inadvertently undermining the very foundation that once attracted individuals to military service,” explained Monroe.

Historically, veterans were rewarded with benefits such as the Montgomery or post 9/11 GI Bills, symbolizing a nation’s investment in their future for their sacrifices. However, the current trend towards idealistic notions of “free” benefits is exacerbating the recruiting crisis.

The recent fiscal year witnessed a concerning trend, with every branch, excluding the Marine Corps and the Space Force, falling short of recruiting goals. Debates over the causes range from societal shifts to an increased emphasis on individualism. However, external policies advocating for free college have only worsened the Department of Defense’s challenges, with discussions of conscription resurfacing.

College is also no longer the exclusive incentive it once was. Only a quarter of youth meet military service standards, and the Pentagon is now competing with universities and the private sector for a shrinking pool of eligible graduates. Generation Z’s entrepreneurial spirit often finds greater value in trades than academia, further making traditional military benefits less appealing.

“Generational declines in military service present a multifaceted challenge that requires immediate attention and action,” added Monroe. “As an organization dedicated to supporting veterans and their families, we understand the vital role that recruitment plays in maintaining a robust and capable military force. It is imperative that we address this crisis head-on to safeguard our national security and support those who serve.”

With roughly 60% of GI bills going unused, VetComm proposes a modern approach to veteran support with the Veteran Entrepreneur Act. Instead of relying solely on the outdated GI Bill structure, this legislation aims to equip veterans with business management essentials, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. The act not only provides education on market research, organizational design and financial planning, but also allocates funds to jumpstart veterans’ businesses.

VetComm is actively engaged in efforts to raise awareness about the military recruiting crisis and to advocate for policies and initiatives that encourage enlistment and support military service. The company believes that investing in recruitment strategies, improving benefits and incentives for service members and enhancing support systems for veterans will help address the root causes of the decline in military service across generations.

VetComm calls on government officials, policymakers, community leaders and organizations to join in the effort to address the military recruiting crisis and support our nation’s armed forces. Together, we can work towards solutions that uphold the proud tradition of military service and ensure a strong and resilient defense for the United States.

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VETCOMM’s mission is to empower United States veterans by providing them with the education and resources they need to access the benefits they are entitled to, but not presently receiving. Founded by United States Marine Corps veteran Kate Monroe, VETCOMM is dedicated to advocating for veterans and ensuring they receive the support they need to thrive after serving our country.

VETCOMM believes that every veteran deserves to receive the benefits they are entitled to, and is committed to, providing a comprehensive education and support platform to help them do just that. With the tools provided by VETCOMM, veterans can get rated and claim the benefits they deserve, preventing the reallocation of funds by the U.S. government to other budget line items and making sure that those who have served their country receive the support they need in order to lead fulfilling lives. For more information visit

About Kate Monroe:

Kate Monroe is a 100% rated disabled USMC veteran. As the CEO of, she leads a team of dedicated professionals who help veterans get what they are owed from the VA. With more than 10 years of experience in sales, leadership, and coaching, her mission is to empower veterans to access their benefits and improve their quality of life.

Kate is the author of several books, has appeared over 60+ times on broadcast news and is a contributor on homeless, drugs, border, veteran affairs, foreign affairs on Forbes, Fox News, Medium, Inman and many more. In fact, she went viral for her take on the San Diego homeless crisis. In 2023, Kate released her book, “The Race to Save America”.

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