Triathon Releases Security Testing Product DeepFuzz to Escort Web3 Security

SINGAPORE, April 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On April 28th, Triathon announced the launch of its new smart contract security testing product, DeepFuzz, which can detect technical issues in smart contracts from multiple dimensions, helping blockchain developers discover vulnerabilities in advance and fix it in the first instance. The launch of DeepFuzz not only enhances its own ecosystem, but also fills the technology gap in the Web3 industry in terms of specialized and intelligent testing and auditing of smart contracts, adding significant strength to Web3 security.

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According to NoneAge Technology’s statistics, there were 306 security incidents occurred worldwide in 2022, resulting in cumulative losses of $10.1 billion. Compared to 2021, there were 64 new Web3 security incidents with an increase of 26%. Among them, 136 security incidents happened in the six major tracks of the industry, including blockchain platforms, cross-chain bridges, wallets, exchanges, NFT, and DeFi, causing losses exceeding $4.021 billion. With the entry of many industry giants into the metaverse and NFT space, the scale of on-chain assets will continue to grow, and the number of Web3 security breaches may continue to soar.

When the current security problems in the Web3 industry come to reality, static scanning cannot detect security issues that may arise during program execution. Triathon’s DeepFuzz will simulate various situations and inputs to discover vulnerabilities and errors in the applications and programmes, thereby enhancing the security and reliability of Web3 smart contracts. At the same time, it can also test the performance and scalability of the smart contracts to ensure that it can handle large amounts of data and transactions. Leveraging DeepFuzz’s capability, the security issues will be detected from multiple dimensions, thus it helps to protect Web3 security and promote the healthy development of the Web3 industry.

As a community built by public chains, applications (testnets), and participants, Triathon verifies through different testing tasks from six aspects, including security, scalability, degree of decentralization, storage efficiency, processing power, and adaptability. It adopts a way to include the global community to participate in testing and auditing, and verifying according to the community’s interests and actual needs. The inclusion enables community users to participate in Web3 project testing and auditing, and work together to improve security awareness, solve security problems, and take security precautions.

Compared to other testing products such as Manticore, Fuzzit, MythX, and Echidna, which require high technical thresholds that ordinary users cannot participate in, DeepFuzz not only has the same level of testing results and dimensions but also greatly reduces the technical threshold of the testing environment. Users can start DeepFuzz testing without programming skills, simply by connecting their wallet and entering the contract address. DeepFuzz truly makes security testing as easy and convenient as playing a game.

In terms of product experience, Triathon DeepFuzz will continuously update the testing log during the testing process, showing the possible vulnerabilities and reasonable security recommendations so that users can better track and analyze test results, improving the overall efficiency of security testing and repairing. In addition, Triathon DeepFuzz will not collect or share user information, so users do not need to worry about data security and privacy. It also supports users to upload encrypted binary files to ensure the absolute security of smart contract information.

After security testing, users can export Triathon DeepFuzz’s comprehensive and systematic testing results and reports. Users can address security issues according to the test results one by one. In terms of testing costs, the cost of Triathon DeepFuzz are lower than other commercial test products in the market, making specialized smart contract security testing more affordable.

The release of DeepFuzz indicates that Triathon will continue to improve its core competitiveness in security detection and testing, strengthen the construction of security detection ecology, and commit to building a professional, intelligent, standardized and transparent Web3 security audit system. In the future, Triathon will continue to optimize the DeepFuzz system, deepen the security detection field, and work together with blockchain project teams and community users to build a better Web3 world.

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