"Smoking Gun" Reveals Roman Conspiracy to Invent Christianity as Shown in New Film

Did Roman Emperors create Christianity? Discovered archaeological evidence reveals the hidden link between the first Christians and the ruling elites of Rome. A conspiracy to end the great conflict between Jews and Rome changed the course of history. This secret is now revealed in the Creating Christ documentary.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The latest evidence supporting the Roman creation of the Christian religion – the largest and most influential religion affecting our society today – is revealed in the new documentary “Creating Christ”, in which forensics expert James S. Valliant and his co-author Warren Fahy recreate the backstory of how Christianity began and developed, based on their discovery of archaeological artifacts that prove a link between Roman Emperors and the first Christians.

Based on Valliant and Fahy’s “Creating Christ” book, the documentary also features former Baptist minister and revered Bible scholar Dr. Robert Price who stated this discovery “was a very surprising thing… like a smoking gun, so I have to take that seriously.” The discovery is of a unique symbol never before used by a Roman ruler, that was used thousands of times on the coins minted by Roman emperor Titus Flavius, and was the Flavian family’s house trademark. At the same time, this symbol began to be used by the earliest Christians as a symbol of Christianity, and it turns out that many of the earliest Christians – including one of the first popes and the owner of the first Christian catacombs – were related to the Flavian royal family. In general, Dr. Price found the two authors’ work “beguilingly cogent.”

The film goes on to explore the work of St. Paul in establishing a language for Christianity and his motivation to transform the religion of the Jews into a peaceful religion that could more easily assimilate into the diverse pagan Roman Empire. Dead Sea Scrolls expert Professor Robert Eisenman establishes the true messianic Jewish movement that the Romans were attempting to convert, which is vastly different from the Gospel depiction of Judea at the time. And late author and mythicist D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya Sanning) provides the pagan origins of the Gospel stories. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video & other streaming channels.

The “Creating Christ” documentary is presented by Nlightning artZ, whose team also created a previous documentary showing Roman authorship of the New Testament from a different angle, “Caesar’s Messiah,” which has over 5 million views around the world and is available in several languages. The team has been credited with creating the meme on the Internet that Jesus was not a historical figure, although they say they didn’t create the meme – they simply shined a big spotlight on it. More information, a trailer, press kit, and images from the film are available at CreatingChristDoc.com.

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"Smoking Gun" Reveals Roman Conspiracy to Invent Christianity as Shown in New Film WeeklyReviewer

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