Ride & Seek Bicycle Adventures Announces Cycling Tour Across Spain + Morocco

Embark on a transformative bike tour from Cordoba, Spain to Fez, Morocco, threading through the tapestry of the Reconquista’s history. Pedal across borders, reliving battles and culture, unveiling the enduring narrative of conquest and coexistence.

CORDOBA, Spain, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Ride & Seek is thrilled to announce an immersive two-stage Reconquista cycling tour from Cordoba, Spain to Fez, Morocco, delving into the heart of the Reconquista’s legacy. The 27-day tour begins in Cordoba, cycling through iconic towns like Granada and Antequera, each echoing the Reconquista’s historic drama. Pedal through shifting landscapes for 1,642 km, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry. In stage two, explore Morocco’s enchanting terrain, tracing the Reconquista’s footsteps through Tangier. Journey onwards, reaching Fez, a city steeped in medieval history. This extraordinary expedition fuses cycling with cultural exploration, unveiling the intricate tapestry of the Reconquista across two nations, igniting the spirit of discovery. The tour is scheduled for April 5th – May 1st, 2024. For more information, visit https://rideandseek.com/tour/reconquista-cordoba-to-fez/.

“This cycling odyssey blends history, adventure, and discovery, offering a unique lens into the compelling narrative of the Reconquista.” — Dylan Reynolds, Ride & Seek Founder

Stage 1 – Cordoba to Tarifa
A captivating cycling journey from Cordoba to Tarifa, you’ll delve deep into the historical tapestry of the Reconquista while traversing less-travelled roads. Setting off from Cordoba, where echoes of Al-Andalus linger, your wheels will carry you through the picturesque landscapes of southern Spain. As you pedal onward, the enchanting city of Granada emerges, it’s Alhambra Palace a vivid testament to the Reconquista’s impact. Cycling through the heart of Andalusia, you’ll arrive at Antequera, a town steeped in history, and Ronda, perched dramatically atop cliffs, each reflecting layers of cultural evolution. Finally, your wheels lead you to Tarifa, where Christian and Moorish legacies converged along the shores of the Strait of Gibraltar. This cycling odyssey blends history, adventure, and discovery, offering a unique lens into the compelling narrative of the Reconquista.

Stage 2 – Tangiers to Fez
An immersive cycling tour from Tangier to Fez, where the echoes of the Reconquista resonate. Pedal through the Moroccan landscape, pausing in the captivating town of Chefchaouen. With every pedal stroke, uncover the historical layers of the Reconquista. Traverse scenic routes, absorbing the rich culture and history. Arrive in Fez, a city steeped in medieval heritage. This cycling expedition seamlessly merges exploration with history, offering a unique lens into the impact of the Reconquista while experiencing the diverse landscapes and cultures that define Morocco’s essence.

Reconquista Tour Highlights:

Stage 1 – Cordoba to Tarifa
Throughout this route, you’ll experience the historical evolution of the region, from the Muslim rule of Al-Andalus to the Christian victories that ultimately led to the end of the Reconquista. The architectural, cultural, and geographical elements you encounter will provide a rich understanding of the complex history of the Iberian Peninsula during this period.

  • Cordoba: Explore the Mezquita-Catedral. A symbol of the religious transition from Islam to Christianity, as it was initially a mosque before being converted into a cathedral.
  • Tapas Bars: Indulge in a tapas crawl, savouring traditional dishes like salmorejo, grilled octopus, and Iberian ham.
  • Sierra Nevada: Enjoy challenging cycling through the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, which acted as a natural boundary between Christian and Muslim territories during the Reconquista.
  • Granada: Discover the Alhambra, a stunning palace and fortress complex built by the Nasrid dynasty, representing the Muslim rule in the region.
  • Flamenco in Sacromonte: Experience flamenco in the historic Sacromonte caves, where the art form has deep roots.
  • Ronda: Reflect on the strategic importance of Ronda as a fortified settlement during the Reconquista and marvel at its dramatic position atop cliffs, the blend of Moorish heritage, and stunning vistas.
  • Culinary Delights: Sample Andalusian cuisine, including tapas, gazpacho, and local specialties.
  • Scenic Routes: Experience the stunning countryside as you ride through olive groves, vineyards, and farmlands.
  • White Villages (Pueblos Blancos): Explore charming white-washed villages like Ronda and Grazalema, each nestled in picturesque landscapes.
  • Tarifa: Conclude your journey in Tarifa, where the Reconquista effectively ended with the capture of the city in 1292.

Stage 2 – Tangiers to Fez
Cycling from Tangier to Fez offers a captivating journey through diverse landscapes, historical sites, and culinary delights. We explore both the historical context of the Reconquista and the vibrant Berber culture that has shaped Morocco’s identity.

  • Tangier: Start your cycling journey in Tangier, a city with a mix of Moroccan, European, and African influences.
  • Riads: Stay in traditional riads, Moroccan-style guesthouses known for their intricately designed courtyards, mosaic tiles, and serene atmosphere.
  • Chefchaouen: Enjoy a picturesque ride to Chefchaouen, Morocco’s “Blue Pearl”.
  • Meknes: Visit Meknes, one of Morocco’s imperial cities, and explore its historic medina and grand city gates.
  • Berber Whiskey: Sip on Moroccan mint tea, a fragrant blend of green tea, fresh mint, and sugar, commonly enjoyed throughout the day.
  • Volubilis: Visit the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and explore the well-preserved mosaics, arches, and columns.
  • Scenic Cycling: Pedal through rolling hills, olive groves, and picturesque valleys, taking in the beauty of Morocco’s natural scenery.
  • Wellness & Relaxation: After a day of cycling, relax in hammams (traditional bathhouses) or enjoy wellness treatments to rejuvenate your body and mind.
  • Diverse Cuisine: Savor tagines, couscous dishes, and Moroccan salads, enjoying the unique blend of sweet and savoury elements.
  • Fez: Explore the sprawling medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its iconic tanneries.

About Ride & Seek: We are a worldwide adventure cycling company offering unique historical itineraries with quality lodging, fine gastronomy, and cultural immersion. On our tours, cyclists can not only see and ride some of the greatest roads in Europe but also visit some of the most spectacular sites as well. Providing a cultural insight into the areas we visit both historically and gastronomically is central to what we do. Historical journeys and cultural adventures are our specialties.

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