Preventive Dentistry's Importance Underlined by WHO's Commitment to Improving Global Oral Health says A-Z Dental Care

WEST COVINA, Calif., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A June 3 article on American Dental Association News reports on the World Health Organization’s commitment to significantly improving global oral health by 2030, as outlined in a May agreement. The resolution’s general goals include making dental care more accessible and emphasizing preventive treatments. West Covina-based A-Z Dental Care says preventive care is a key part of maintaining long-term oral health care and recommends that patients make a point of visiting their dentist twice a year for teeth cleanings and checkups.

A-Z Dental Care says that, even if a patient feels that they are in perfect oral health, they should visit their dentist for a checkup because many oral ailments can develop without any obvious symptoms. For example, gum disease generally causes pain or discomfort along the gum line — but it can also progress silently, with patients not being aware they have an infection until advanced symptoms erupt. The center notes that a dentist is likely to spot the early signs of an oral ailment and can take preemptive action to save patients a lot of pain, time, and money. In the case of gingivitis, a deep cleaning, also called root planing and scaling, is often enough to stop the problem in its track. A-Z Dental Care adds that treating the early stages of oral issues tends to be not only healthier and less painful but cheaper because simpler treatments are less expensive than dental implants and other larger procedures.

The West Covina center says patients should not rely solely on their dentist for good dental hygiene, of course. The center says patients should take care to maintain a strict brushing regimen. That means brushing for two minutes after every meal. Patients should also avoid brushing immediately after eating or drinking because tooth enamel needs time to re-mineralize. Brushing too soon before or after a meal can actually damage teeth over the long term, the center adds.

A-Z Dental Care notes that flossing is important too; brushing regularly is great, but if patients aren’t cleaning between their teeth, then unchecked plaque buildup could increase the risk of severe oral ailments. The Center says a mouth wash can further cleanse teeth and gums by reducing the number of harmful bacteria as well. However, patients should avoid overusing it to avoid harming their gums and soft tissues.

Finally, A-Z Dental Care says if patients begin to notice anything out of the ordinary regarding their oral health, they should visit their dentist promptly rather than waiting to see if the issue goes away on its own. If the problem is serious, more time only gives ailments a better chance at developing further and causing more harm.

Interested readers can learn more about preventive dentistry from A-Z Dental Care by visiting their website at or calling (626) 314-6908.

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Preventive Dentistry's Importance Underlined by WHO's Commitment to Improving Global Oral Health says A-Z Dental Care WeeklyReviewer

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