New Book "The Case Against George W. Bush" Prosecutes Moral, Legal Transgressions of 43rd President of The United States

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Case Against George W. Bush, a ruthlessly objective compendium of quotations from official memos, statements from Bush Administration figures, previously published works on U.S. policy and practice in the Middle East, memoirs and news coverage and analysis on the Administration’s actions in the region and its inaction in the domestic arena, has been released in a more than 300-page, heavily annotated treatise on the culpability of the 43rd president for war crimes and criminal negligence.

More than a decade after George W. Bush left Washington D.C., many critical questions of ethical and legal import linger: did the Administration take America to war in Iraq under false pretenses? What was the cost in blood and treasure for these decisions? How did the Administration justify the methods used to extract intelligence from prisoners? If this is indeed torture, for which other countries’ perpetrators have been tried, why has there been no formal accounting for it with respect to Bush and company?

And lest we overlook it: was the tragedy of 9/11 avoidable? As the country approaches the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the hijacking of United Flight 93, such queries are newly relevant, and the quest for answers and accountability, though until now delayed, remains a moral imperative.

Author Steven C. Markoff, a businessman and entrepreneur who also joined the board of the ACLU in 1980, has presented the case alleging three essential crimes committed by Bush: criminal negligence in ignoring the warning signs of the 9/11 attacks on the homeland; the use of fraud and deception to declare war on Iraq, a decision that resulted in untold human and financial costs; and the torture and inhumane treatment, including denial of due process, of prisoners captured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I began research on George W. Bush to try and understand important, controversial issues of his presidency,” comments Markoff, adding, “After completing my research, I felt letting Bush off for approving torture and conning our country into an unnecessary war that killed over 40,000 Americans and 500,000 Iraqis and other nationals, would show our country that if you were president, were above the law. I wrote my book to document Bush’s crimes for the public and those in government.”

Rather than rely solely on a singular assessment of the events at hand, Markoff and a select team of researchers have painstakingly gathered a sweeping collection of voices and perspectives on the above questions. Represented in The Case Against George W. Bush are communiques from statesmen and diplomats such as Hans Blix, Tony Blair and Al Gore; Bush Administration officials including Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and John Yoo; and such intrepid and esteemed journalists as Jane Mayer, Bob Woodward, Steve Coll and Craig Unger. Such diversity of sources serves to underscore the book’s basic premise: that regardless how or from which perspective one views the events, Bush’s involvement and liability are indisputable.

ISBN #: 978-1-64428-135-2

304 pages, plus Appendices

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New Book "The Case Against George W. Bush" Prosecutes Moral, Legal Transgressions of 43rd President of The United States WeeklyReviewer

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