NetZero U-Turns Gives Hope to Taxpayers while Clarity on Reduced Climate Risk Relieves Eco-Anxiety says Friends of Science

In the UK, Sweden and Germany, governments are making a U-turn from stringent NetZero policies as taxpayers clamor for relief, says Friends of Science Society. As policymakers and the public understand that an implausible scenario (RCP8.5) drove the fear of a climate emergency, but is now rejected, people are feeling relieved of eco-anxiety, knowing that ‘we DO have time.’

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As reported by Politico, Sept. 26, 2023, mounting discontent among voters augers badly for the EU Green Deal, says Friends of Science. The Sunak government in the UK is making a U-turn on climate policies, as reported by [The Guardian, Sept. 21, 2023. Politico reported Sept. 7, 2023, that Germany’s gas boiler ban nearly destroyed Olaf Scholz’s coalition government, but with staggering implementation costs for consumers, the people are saying ‘no.’ Sweden, long the bastion of climate neutrality and home to Greta Thunberg, abandoned its 100% renewable policy in June, as reported by the Western Standard, opening the door to more nuclear power.

As the popular Substack “Doomberg” notes in “The Great Backpedaling is Upon Us” many people went along with the climate alarmists to get along. “This group is now aware of the Big Lie™ sold by climate alarmists — that we can radically reduce our use of fossil fuels without meaningfully impacting our lifestyles. It was fine enough to play footsie with such assumptions when energy was plentiful and interest rates hovered around zero, but as the energy crisis unfolded and inflationary pressures took hold, the initial consequences of decoupling from fossil fuels left many quietly wondering what exactly it is they signed up for.”

A new documentary hosted by Kim Monson titled “A Climate Conversation” gives viewers a calm and nuanced understanding of climate science and a clear understanding of the astounding costs of proposed NetZero climate policy measures. The documentary features Gregory Wrightstone of the CO2 Coalition, author and energy expert Ronald Stein, James Taylor of the Heartland Institute, and Ken Gregory of Friends of Science Society. The film was conceived by Walter Johnson of Lakewood, Colorado.

Prof. Jessica Weinkle reports her climate alarm, with her since childhood, went away when she learned more about climate science nuances and the confluence of science and politics. Writing on her Substack “Conflicted” she notes that the helping professions of psychology seem dedicated to affirming eco-anxiety as a ‘healthy response to the climate crisis’ – however there is no climate crisis. Weinkle is particularly hard on the American Psychological Association (APA) for becoming climate crisis propagandists and those other backroom funders of climate fear campaigns. She writes, “Climate mis/disinformation campaigns undermine human wellbeing especially among children, and it is done so in pursuit of political and financial gain by special interests.”

Roger Pielke, Jr., writes in “The Honest Broker” that the New Climate Reality is one in which the future is not so dire, but that still has not made front page news. “Despite the growing recognition that our collective views of the future have changed quickly and dramatically, this change in perspective — a positive and encouraging one at that — has yet to feature in policy, media or scientific discussions of climate. That silence can’t last, as reality is persistent.”

Pielke, Jr. and colleague Justin Ritchie exposed the fact that the claimed ‘business-as-usual’ scenario (Representative Concentration Pathway – RCP 8.5*), was actually implausible and never meant to be used for policy planning. Their Feb. 2021 peer-reviewed paper is titled “Distorting the view of our climate future: The misuse and abuse of climate pathways and scenarios.

Robert Lyman, energy economist, has exposed the fact that Canada’s tax funded “” is misleading, precisely because of the misuse of RCP8.5. “ explicitly relies upon the IPCC’s modelling and scenarios. Indeed, it specifically quotes RCP8.5 as the basis for its projections. In other words, it perpetuates the myth that the worst case is the most likely case.”

Lyman will be one of the guest speakers at Friends of Science Society’s Oct. 17, 2023, event in Calgary – “Break Free from Climate Tyranny: Evidence over Ideology.”

When RCP 8.5 is taken out of the climate conversation, it is clear that there is no climate crisis nor is there a climate emergency, says Friends of Science Society, echoing the words of the now 1800 member CLINTEL Climate Intelligence Network. They state, “There is No Climate Emergency.” We do have time, says Friends of Science.

CLINTEL has sent a registered letter to Chair Jim Skea of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) requesting the establishment of cooperative, open discussion between CLINTEL and IPCC scientists. They point out that three new peer-reviewed papers show most warming is natural.

The letter states: “In short, the CERES scientists have come with a very important conclusion: “The IPCC’s chosen estimates of the changes in solar activity (“total solar irradiance” or TSI for short) only represented a small subset of those used by the scientific community. Several of the TSI estimates the IPCC had neglected in their analysis suggest that most of the warming since the 19th century could be natural – especially from the non-urbanized data.” The latter is very relevant, given the fact that measurements in urban areas have been increasingly influenced by the well-known ‘heat island effect’.”

This is good news, says Friends of Science Society. Our children should not suffer from eco-anxiety and fear; climate change is as natural as life itself and we must adapt.

Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens that is celebrating its 21st year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).
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This group is now aware of the Big Lie™ sold by climate alarmists — that we can radically reduce our use of fossil fuels without meaningfully impacting our lifestyles.

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