Insidious Polling: Official 2020 Trump vs Democrat Poll – On Official Site of Donald Trump

Insidious Polling: Official 2020 Trump vs Democrat Poll – On Official Site of Donald Trump

The Official Site of Donald Trump ( released a poll recently titled: “Official 2020 Trump vs Democrat Poll.” The poll question/answers were shocking to say the least.

The Official Site of Donald Trump ( released a poll titled “Official 2020 Trump vs Democrat Poll.” The questions and subsequent available options were absolutely shocking. See the screenshot below:

Insidious Polling: Official 2020 Trump vs Democrat Poll - On Official Site of Donald Trump
Insidious Polling: Official 2020 Trump vs Democrat Poll – On Official Site of Donald Trump

All the answers available on this poll compare “President Trump” to “some insult” Democrat. While his anger with media and news stations, even his friends at Fox News, at their revealed polling is quite notable already, this poll on his Official Site is beyond excessive. Not only does the President leave no option for anyone truly interested in polling, it blatantly insults Democrats.

Check out the poll here and see for yourself how this president is actively trying to skew his polling; allowing him to actively say and hear things opposed to reality.

Why Is Donald Trump’s Support Finally Dropping?

With recent polls showing Joe Biden leading in both Democrat and Republican majority states, President Donald J. Trump has been clearly agitated. According to CNN Poll held June 2nd – June 5th, Joe Biden leads by 14 points. Overwhelming support for Biden and disapproval of Trump have been growing in the last few months.

Donald Trump on Coronavirus

Over the last few months, criticism of Donald Trump and his administration grew tremendously due to his lack of action and his obstruction of aid during the Global Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. The endless amounts of destructive handling and perspective this administration has concerning the Coronavirus pandemic is enough emotional stress on the public.

Donald Trump on Black Lives Matter

Recently protests over broad systemic racism and police brutality, sparked by the murder of Minnesota resident George Floyd, have been met by The President with apathy and blatant disrespect.

Donald Trump showed a clear lack of empathy of the death of George Floyd, calling a slight drop in unemployment rates a “Great day” for George Floyd (even ending it by saying George Floyd was “not a good person”).

Along with his push for increased and excessive policing or “Dominate in the streets,” has seen Trump’s polls and overall approval drop significantly by even many Republicans. Without a constant reminder of his success on every news channel and media outlet, Trump turned to twitter to voice his complaints of “Fake” polling.

I won’t go into this tweet too much. If you want a further dissection of Trumps claims of “Fake” polling and his rage on twitter I recommend Philip Bump’s article in The Washington Post.

Donald Trump on LGBTQ Protections

Today, June 12th, Donald Trump reversed LGBTQ Transgender protections further removing his support within the LGBTQ community. This comes on the anniversary of the Pulse shooting which killed 49 people.

Trump has unsuccessfully tried to convince the public of his “overwhelming” support among the LGBTQ and African American Community, despite all the evidence of his extremely detrimental actions. It doesn’t come as a surprise that recent polls are leaning toward Democratic Frontrunner Joe Biden.

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