In Support of Earth Day, Cyrusher Offers an E-bike sale plan for Cycling Enthusiasts

LOGAN, Utah, April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cyrusher, a reputable e-bike manufacturer, has always been committed to the preservation and development of the environment. E-bikes provide a reliable means of travel for people to reduce their carbon footprint. In support of Earth Day, Cyrusher e-bikes are offering an E-bike sale plan with many models to provide people with a more economical means of green travel and encourage more people to participate in environmental activities to ride for a greener planet.

Cyrusher has left a green footprint on the world with a cumulative carbon footprint reduction of 92,751T+.

“The Earth’s environment is closely linked to our survival as human beings. As a company that provides people with personal mobility, Cyrusher is taking the lead in encouraging people to get involved in cycling and reducing society’s carbon footprint. Cyrusher will always uphold sustainability initiatives as a guideline for the company to move forward and continue to make a positive impact on the green development of society.” says Harry Xie, the CEO of the Cyrusher electric bike.

World Earth Day

Set on 22 April each year, World Earth Day has become a significant event calling for and advocating environmental awareness. It is currently observed in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide. The establishment of Earth Day brings together society, businesses, and individuals to address environmental issues and speak out for the planet. The Earth Day theme has led to the development of environmental laws and regulations to protect the planet, as well as to the implementation of more ecological initiatives.

The Earth Crisis

Environmental protection has become an urgent international issue, with global warming, frequent crustal movements, and extreme weather events affecting the productive activities of human beings. The sustainability of the planet’s ecosystem is nevertheless impacted by frequent human activity and the rise in society’s carbon footprint. The only option to slow the deterioration of the ecosystem is to strictly restrict carbon emissions since global warming is a developing issue and the effects of human activities on the environment are irreversible.

Since its inception, the Cyrusher e-bike has been powered by a recyclable lithium battery, which inevitably generates a quantitative amount of carbon emissions during the production phase. However, the practically zero carbon emission standard in use makes it still the primary mode of transport for environmentally friendly travel. Cyrusher provides riders with fat-tire e-bikes to enrich their cycling options and meet their cycling needs, making them an efficient personal mobility tool that enhances mobility efficiency and reduces carbon footprint.

Other Benefits

While providing constructive inspiration for addressing social issues, e-bikes are also a great way to optimize cities and alleviate personal health problems. In addition to the wasteful pollution that threatens the environment, the increasing popularity of cars also threatens the efficiency of people’s journeys, as is the traffic congestion on urban roads. With the growing expropriation of urban land, the need for larger car parking spaces is a challenging task for urban planning. Building a comfortable and liveable society makes the investment and development of e-bikes even more beneficial.

Secondly, e-bikes can help to alleviate people’s health conditions in a tangible way. Exercising with an e-bike is the main reason why many people choose this vehicle. Most urban travel needs are for short trips, and this can be done with an e-bike, such as commuting to work, daily supermarket shopping, picking up and dropping off children, etc. Similar to a car, it offers faster travel efficiency, but the difference is that the e-bike allows the rider the initiative to mobilize the body to move up to a certain amount of exercise. As a result, if ridden consistently over a long period of time, it can achieve weight loss, alleviate a variety of health problems such as emotional anxiety and help people develop a more positive attitude towards life.

Cyrusher’s Earth Day Sale

Cyrusher consistently adheres to the principles of supporting social sustainability, and the firm celebrated Social Earth Day by offering a 30% discount on a selection of e-bike models to encourage more people to cycle and opt for environmentally friendly modes of transportation to actively contribute to preserving the social environment.

Specific Price Tag

The majority of Cyrusher’s best-selling models will be present at the Earth Day sale, including step-through models that are easier to get on and off and entry-level models for novices as well as portable folding ebikes and professional electric mountain bicycles for adventure riding. A wide variety of e-bike models are available at Cyrusher to meet the multiple needs of riders. The Earth Day sales price tags are as follows:

  • XF650: $1599$1,119
  • XF800: $1899$1,329
  • XF900 17ah: $2299$1,609
  • XF900 20ah: $2499$1,749
  • XF690 MAXS: $1899$1,329
  • KOMMODA: $1899$1,329
  • KUATTRO: $2099$1,469
  • BANDIT: $2099$1,469
  • MONTTA: $2099$1,469

Popular Models

Cyrusher’s e-bike collection is constantly being updated with innovations, and it currently includes a wide variety of models to accommodate riders of different ages, races, and sizes.

The entry-level ebike XF650 and the Kommoda step-through electric bike are two of the most popular models among riders.

The most popular product in this sale is the XF650, which has the most cost-effective offering and allows more people an affordable way of getting started with e-bikes. Featuring a powerful motor and a removable 48V 16AH large-capacity battery to provide the rider with ample power, the XF650 is a fantastic value-for-money offering for novices to get started. In an effort to enhance ride comfort and stability, the bike comes with shock-absorbing forks and puncture-resistant fat tires. Having these features enables you to enjoy the swift ride of an e-bike more quickly and comfortably.

The Kommoda is a step-through model that is highly accessible and a practical option for riders who have mobility issues, leg difficulties, or are new to e-bikes. Additionally, this bike includes an enhanced full suspension system, hydraulic brake components, and other features that make riding it safe and enjoyable.

Riders can decide on a bike based on their personal needs and help reduce carbon emissions by pedaling. With the sale of more than 83,000 models worldwide and the initiation of green cycling activities by more than 78,000 riders, Cyrusher has already distributed its products to more than a dozen different areas and countries. Cyrusher has left a green footprint on the world with a total distance of over 2,500W km and a cumulative carbon footprint reduction of 92,751T+.

Pedal for the Earth

Creating a greener planet is a duty and mission for every nation, business, and individual. By doing simple daily events, you can contribute to the cause. Use recyclable clothes instead of FMCG brands, eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags, electric vehicles in place of traditional automobiles, etc. Among these, the most effective action to lower your carbon footprint is to start riding an electric vehicle, as transportation accounts for the largest share of society’s carbon footprint statistics. Put on your pedals for a healthier planet and you!

About Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a reputable producer of electric bicycles for professionals that have been successfully marketed in more than 10 nations worldwide. The brand’s electric bicycles pass rigorous international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC requirements. Additionally, Australia, China, the EU, Japan, Korea and the USA have registered and approved the brand. An offline store test-ride service has also been introduced in a number of nations, including the USA, UK and France. Cyrusher will keep expanding its range of vehicles to satisfy the needs of more riders, offering a solution for zero-carbon, fast and convenient urban commuting.

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