Ford Designates Nanoscience Analytical as an Approved Testing Laboratory

Nanoscience Analytical performs Ford’s Test G using automated electron microscopy and EDS elemental analysis

PHOENIX, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Phoenix-based contract R&D and analytical laboratory, Nanoscience Analytical, announces its status as an approved lab for Ford “Test G” transmission and sub-assembly engineering specification clean check testing. Nanoscience Analytical leverages the expertise of its PhD scientists and an extensive lab with automated scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) to provide comprehensive technical cleanliness testing and reporting per Ford’s Test G requirements. Reports are ISO 16232 compliant and can also be customized to meet individual suppliers’ needs based on the respective engineering specifications for their components.

The transmission and sub-assembly engineering specifications are instated across Ford’s supply chain to ensure a uniform standard for cleanliness of the parts that arrive at the transmission assembly line. Components that are subjected to abrasive treatments like shot peening for material strengthening are particularly high risk for contamination from the glass, ceramic, or metallic shot particle residue. Filters from the final wash of such parts must undergo careful clean check testing to ensure the absence of residual abrasive particles that could prove detrimental to the vehicle’s performance down the line. Satisfying the Ford Test E specification for cleanliness means analyzing the size and number of particles on a given filter sample. However, Test G is a more complex testing protocol, in which particle count, size, and material composition are compared against the specifications. Taking on the Test G services aligns closely with Nanoscience Analytical’s dedication to surface science analysis. “Material analysis is a cornerstone of the services we offer, with automated SEM and EDS being a key component to that. We’re pleased that Ford has approved Nanoscience Analytical to provide Test G analysis to their suppliers,” shares Mark Flowers, President of Nanoscience Analytical. “Our team is well-versed in the particle analysis and reporting protocol that Test G requires, and our Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ ParticleX SEM equipped with energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) is designed for efficient, accurate analysis and material characterization.” The Perception software package, which is included with the Phenom ParticleX system, uses an extensive suite tailored to controlling EDS, automating particle detection and analysis, and producing industry-specific customized reports.

The key to success for Test G clean check analysis is the utilization of automated SEM/EDS systems for efficiently screening particles based on size and composition. Since the specification targets distinct types of particles originating in shot peening mixtures, it is desirable to have a precise EDS platform that excels at swift elemental identification. However, not every SEM can meet the thorough standards that Test G entails. Ford acknowledges one successful system as the ASPEX eXplorer — which has now evolved into the Phenom ParticleX Technical Cleanliness system employed in Nanoscience Analytical’s lab. This SEM provides superior accuracy by automatically analyzing thousands of particles for size, count, and composition, and generates custom ISO 16232-compliant reports with the statistical particle analysis data necessary for Test G. Nanoscience Analytical’s Laboratory Director, Jacqueline Harding, PhD, explains, “We benefit from our team’s extensive experience with the original ASPEX particle analysis SEMs, which translates to a deeper understanding and aptitude for executing processes with our Phenom ParticleX Technical Cleanliness system. When a supplier contacts us about Ford Test G analytical services for their components, they can trust that our team is knowledgeable and prepared to effectively support their specific needs.”

To inquire about Ford Test G services, or for more information about Nanoscience Analytical, please contact [email protected].

About Nanoscience Analytical

Nanoscience Analytical capitalizes on over 18 years of experience in advanced instruments for microscopy and surface analysis from our sister company, Nanoscience Instruments. Our staff have varied backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, physics, and engineering, with over half of them having earned Ph.D.’s in their respective fields. Our mission is to deliver laboratory solutions to accelerate scientific innovation while being committed to quality, transparency, and sustained partnership with our clients. We represent an efficient, competitively priced source of sophisticated analytical services targeted at our client’s needs.

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Isabella Germinario, Nanoscience Analytical, 4807585400, [email protected]


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