Celebrating the Women of SAASTEPS with Co-Founder Rachel Beck

RevOps disruptor SAASTEPS aims to break through challenges women traditionally face in tech with focus on diversity and empowerment.

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Dec.12, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SAASTEPS is drastically different from any tech company I’ve ever worked for, in the best way. Yes, the products we offer our customers are innovative and industry-disrupting, but what continues to stand out to me are the people and the culture. As a woman of color, I’ve felt what it’s like to be treated as an outsider, like my voice and ideas don’t matter. At SAASTEPS, I’ve felt the exact opposite – celebrated, empowered, and lifted up by every single teammate, including (and especially) the CEO and co-founders.

“I am invigorated by the way we openly discuss topics like mental health and disability, how we elevate marginalized voices, and the genuine consideration that’s put into celebrating the incredible diversity of our team every single day.”

When we released our revised core values earlier this year, I was especially proud of one in particular, Empowered by Diversity, not because it’s new or groundbreaking to speak about this topic, but because I know that it’s not just virtue signaling. I’ve been in far too many corporate settings where leaders publicly support DEI principals while cutting down their marginalized employees in the same breath. No organization is perfect, but our actions match our intention (which should be the bare minimum but is something that most companies miss the mark on). I am invigorated by the way we openly discuss topics like mental health and disability, how we elevate marginalized voices, and the genuine consideration that’s put into celebrating the incredible diversity of our team every single day.

In support of this value, we are excited to launch Women of SAASTEPS, a press release series where we will dive deep with each of our women leaders (who make up over half of our C-Suite), starting with our co-founder and Chief of Design, Rachel Beck.

It’s different from any company I’ve ever worked for! One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in the past as a woman is to simply be heard. I’m a bit introverted, so I’ve never been comfortable expressing my ideas when there are others in the room with louder voices. And not many people who run meetings make sure there is room for the quiet people. At SAASTEPS (SS), I don’t have to scream. There is space intentionally made for me, and people turn to me for my expertise.

We celebrate the women at SS by encouraging them to bring in their whole selves to the table, especially the challenging experiences they’ve had and how they’ve overcome them. Women’s voices are often overlooked, undervalued, or spoken over, but we cherish and encourage the unique perspective they contribute to the company’s dynamic. There is value in both the feminine and masculine and it’s important to incorporate both so we can see and solve issues from different perspectives.

Open and transparent communication is crucial. Communication builds trust and lets the team know we’re all working towards the same goals. It lets them know that I see them, not just as an employee but as a human first and foremost. We’re a remote-first company, so communication is even more important without a traditional office setting. We also have a really fun monthly virtual company meeting organized by our Director of Brand. It’s not your average all-hands. We play music to open up and close the meeting (from a playlist that we’ve all contributed to), we celebrate non-work wins and milestones in addition to all of the business stuff. It’s really a people-first approach that I think makes all the difference.

All women! As cliché as it may sound…I’m continually blown away by their strength, knowledge, kindness, and sass, expressed in their own unique way. To me, leadership is about being a listener and a lifetime learner. Ruth Bader Ginsberg didn’t become a powerhouse by just barging through and claiming her place in the supreme court; she listened, learned, and challenged the system. I think in a similar but obviously very different way, we’re trying to do the same at SS and as women in general. We listen, learn, and then we try to push the boundaries of the box we’ve been put in every single day.

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