Alcovit Provides an Elegant Answer to the Hangover

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alcovit is a cutting-edge German brand that was launched with the singular mission to genuinely reduce the symptoms of a hangover. After countless time spent in research and development, the brand struck gold with the volcanic rock zeolite. Mixed with the right vitamins, the mineral not only reduces existing short-term hangover symptoms, but it appears to also minimize the existence of those symptoms in the first place.

Alcovit is a revolutionary supplement that helps individuals detox from a night of drinking without the need to go through all of the phases of a traditional hangover. The founders of the brand started to develop their groundbreaking product when they realized that most hangover supplements merely address existing symptoms. In other words, it isn’t until a hangover has begun that they become useful. Only then do they provide nutrients to help soothe an already active problem.

In contrast, Alcovit is also equipped with a battery of vitamins that are similarly focused on bolstering the body’s nutrients and strength in the wake of a night spent out on the town. However, the product goes beyond vitamins by including the essential mineral zeolite in its formula, as well.

This volcanic rock is harvested by hand in South Africa and milled into a fine powder that can be ingested without being absorbed into the body. Instead, it passes through the digestive system. During this journey, the mineral silicate’s sponge-like quality absorbs alcohol and escorts it out of the body before it’s metabolized.1

The unique approach of Alcovit to proactively solve the hangover problem naturally promises an uphill battle for the supplement as it is promoted to an increasing number of consumers. However, the development team has already conducted initial testing that has demonstrated the efficacy of the product and has been able to back up its research with European Patent # EP 2 538 950 from the E.P.A. at Munich, Germany.

At this point, Alcovit stands alone as a pioneer in the new hangover prevention industry. As the awareness, track record, and research behind the label continues to grow, it bodes well for a product that is gaining attention across the globe for its ability to provide effective hangover relief.

About Alcovit: Alcovit is a product of CDM MEDICAL LLC. CDM’s goal is to “identify new products, medicines, supplements, cosmetics and devices.” From there, the company develops and markets them in the name of improving the quality and life expectancy of individuals around the globe. Alcovit, in particular, has had resounding success and has already been well received in Europe, Australia, and Asia. The brand is quickly expanding into North American markets, as well.

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Alcovit Provides an Elegant Answer to the Hangover WeeklyReviewer

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