Yi Jianlian leads the TCP Group Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Pop-up Event in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, July 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On July 24, the Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge, initiated by the TCP Group, the inventor and owner of the Red Bull brand and trademarks globally, was successfully held at L+ Mall in Lujiazui Center in Shanghai. Supachai Junkeiat, TCP Group China Country Director, Yi Jianlian, the Red Bull® Vitamin Flavor Drink’s new celebrity ambassador, and “Sky” Li Xiaofeng, the member of TCP Group’s Red Bull Brand Zhen Niu Alliance, attended the event. Together with audiences on-site, they not only completed the basketball-themed challenges, but also shared their understanding of what it means to be a “Zhen Niu Ren” and their stories about self-improvement. During the event, they encouraged audiences to be fearless and always move forward showcasing the unique Zhen Niu spirit of the Red Bull brand.

Yi Jianlian leads the TCP Group Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Pop-up Event in Shanghai WeeklyReviewer

As the founder and owner of the global Red Bull brand and trademarks, TCP Group is committed to pursuing excellence in product quality as well as creating more social value and bringing positive energy to consumers. In June this year, TCP Group officially launched the 2021 #Ni Zhen Niu Hong Niu Ting Ni# marketing campaign and announced basketball superstar Yi Jianlian as the celebrity ambassador of the Red Bull® Vitamin Flavored Drink. With the goal of promoting the unique Zhen Niu spirit, Red Bull carefully designed this campaign to inspire consumers to break through their limits and become “Zhen Niu Ren”. Besides unveiling their latest brand ambassador, TCP Group initiated a Red Bull Niu Ren Challenges in Hangzhou, Changsha and Shanghai, creating an immersive experience for consumers to enjoy the Red Bull product in all aspects. The Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge created a brand activity with exceptional visual effects and outstanding sensory experiences which allow consumers to truly feel the Zhen Niu spirit of “Challenging Myself, Going Beyond My Limits.”

Yi Jianlian leads the TCP Group Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Pop-up Event in Shanghai WeeklyReviewer

With his outstanding basketball talent and amazing athleticism, Yi Jianlian has brought countless exciting moments to fans in the basketball world both at home and abroad, and is deeply loved by millions of fans. As the spiritual leader of the Chinese National team, Yi Jianlian’s never-say-die attitude during practice as well as his qualities as a leader who never fails to live up to challenges make him a perfect embodiment of the Zhen Niu spirit’s “Challenging Myself, Going Beyond My Limits” totem. As a true representation of “Zhen Niu Ren” in the sports world, Yi Jianlian worked the crowd with exiting basketball feats while also sharing his understanding of what it means to be “Zhen Niu Ren”: “Athletes must be resolute in their attitude towards never giving up. There are no shortcuts in basketball. Whether it’s on or off the court, you must constantly break through and perform better than the last game, score more than last time, and strive to be better version of yesterday’s self, just like the Zhen Niu spirit advocated by the Red Bull brand. As long as you keep on challenging yourself and constantly push your potential, you are the Zhen Niu Ren!” As a pioneer for advocating the Zhen Niu spirit, TCP Group has long incorporated the concept of hard work and innovation into its corporate culture, and hopes that through this cooperation with Yi Jianlian as well as innovative online and offline activities, it will reach more young people and pass on the Zhen Niu spirit to more sports fans and young consumers.

Yi Jianlian leads the TCP Group Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Pop-up Event in Shanghai WeeklyReviewer

In today’s diverse society, the Zhen Niu spirit of “Challenging Myself, Going Beyond My Limits” is by no means constrained to a single field. In recent years, e-sports has been booming rapidly and Chinese e-sports has become a new area of competitive sports sought after by Generation Z youths. TCP Group works closely with “Zhen Niu Ren” in the field of e-sports to better communicate the value of doing one’s best to pursue one’s dream to young audiences. At the Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Shanghai station, “Sky” Li Xiaofeng, a member of TCP Group’s Red Bull Brand Zhen Niu Alliance, actively interacted with fans and shared his story of chasing his dream and going beyond his limits: “For me, to breakthrough first means to resist all doubts and adhere to the dream of e-sports that I am truly passionate about. Gaming is not a simple sport. It is a comprehensive exercise of intellectual confrontation, the ability to react, think and demonstrate outstanding mind-eye-brain coordination. Many people start and then give up. However, I believe the greatest joy of life lies in challenging oneself! To break through, to overcome, to break prejudice, to prove yourself with strength!” Sky Li Xiaofeng’s unrelenting spirit perfectly resonates with the core of Red Bull’s Zhen Niu spirit.

Yi Jianlian leads the TCP Group Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Pop-up Event in Shanghai WeeklyReviewer

When talking about the original intention of organizing the Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge, Supachai Junkeiat, TCP Group China Country Director shared his views: “As millennials gradually become the driving consumer force, more and more traditional brands have started to rejuvenatethemselves. So is Red Bull. We care about the pressures in life young people have to face but we never ignore their potential to grow, to breakthrough, go forward and become better versions of themselves. This is the true spirit of ‘Challenging Myself, Going Beyond My Limits’ that the Red Bull brand represents. We hope to awaken the Zhen Niu energy in young people’s hearts by cooperating with brand ambassadors who represent our values and the Zhen Niu spirit. Through innovative brand activities, we wish to encourage and inspire everyone to break through and become Zhen Niu Ren in their own fields.

Yi Jianlian leads the TCP Group Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Pop-up Event in Shanghai WeeklyReviewer

About TCP Group

The TCP Group is one of the leading food and beverage companies in Thailand, with a diverse product portfolio comprising four product categories – energy drinks, electrolyte beverages, functional drinks and snacks – and more than 30 product lines under nine brands. This includes Red Bull, the world’s leading energy drink, which the company’s founder Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya invented in 1975. The TCP Group is the only producer of the Red Bull flavor around the world ensuring only quality ingredients are used in Red Bull worldwide. TCP, together with the Yoovidhya Family, own the Red Bull trademarks worldwide. Mr. Chaleo established Hainan Red Bull Energy Drink Co. Ltd. in 1993, in Hainan province, the birthplace of his father.

China is the Yoovidhya Family’s ancestral homeland, and their Chinese family name is Xu. Hainan Red Bull manufactures Red Bull – named Hong Niu in Chinese by Mr. Chaleo – for the domestic market. In response to the drink’s increasing popularity, Mr. Chaleo and his family established Red Bull® Vitamin Drink Co. Ltd. (RBVC) in 1995 with other shareholders in order to serve Red Bull to Chinese consumers nationwide. In September 2018, following the expiration of RBVC’s joint venture term, TCP decided to launch new partnerships and a new business model in order to continue providing quality, legal Red Bull products to the vast number of Chinese consumers as well as ensure Red Bull continues to be one of the most popular drinks in China today.

Red Bull® Vitamin Flavor Drink: 

As the latest addition to TCP’s world-class ‘house of brands,’ Red Bull® Vitamin Flavor Drink will bring China’s consumers the classic taste of Red Bull. Consistent with Red Bull’s entire product portfolio, the drink contains authentic ingredients of the highest quality, including taurine, inositol, B-group vitamins, etc.


Yi Jianlian leads the TCP Group Red Bull Niu Ren Challenge Pop-up Event in Shanghai WeeklyReviewer

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