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Webroot Antivirus 1-year Subscription

Having access to the Internet is a great and powerful thing, but it doesn’t come without risks. We currently depend on it for so much that the cost of having access to it pales in comparison to the benefits, but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore the dangers. There are many threats out there that could do severe damage to your data and financial status, so we should take precautions to ensure that we are safe when browsing the Internet and performing all the actions that we usually perform on a daily basis online. Webroot is a piece of software that aims at providing this security and peace of mind so that you do not have to worry about such things anymore.


Webroot Antivirus Internet Security

Webroot is a very well established Antivirus software that has been around as a top of the line contender for years now. In its current state, it is able to handle all the common threats that you would face during a normal internet session, and it is capable of doing so in a very efficient and lightweight manner so that you do not have to worry about slowing down your devices. This product comes with a 1-year service code, and the license extends up to 3 devices at a time. It will provide complete antivirus, firewall, and all the standard protections. We will cover them all in further detail down below.

Benefits of Webroot Internet Security

If you purchase Webroot Internet Security Suite you are getting all the power of a well-established Antivirus software brand, and an excellent set of features that are a must if you are going to depend on it for addressing all of your cybersecurity concerns. The importance of being able to depend on this cannot be overstated since the current digital landscape is one where there is a lot of serious threats everywhere to be found. This is especially true now that we conduct business, do our shopping and our banking online, as well as many other things. Doing all of these things without protection is unthinkable, and Webroot provides the answer to all of these.


What this product offers:

  • 1-year subscription, which gives you complete access to all of Webroot’s services.
  • Up to 3 devices can be protected at the same time with this license.
  • Lightweight software that doesn’t slow down your device.
  • Top of the line Antivirus protection.
  • Firewall solution.
  • Malware protection.
  • Protection from malicious links.
  • Automatic and free updates.
  • Technical support is available 24/7.

Customer Satisfaction

Webroot has been one of the most popular antivirus solutions for many years, and that doesn’t happen if customer satisfaction isn’t really good. Its award-winning customer service around the clock ensures that you are not just protected by the software itself, but also aided in any of your concerns in a fast and efficient way by their staff. Customer reviews are overall very positive since the service provided is of great quality, complaints are few and far between. It appears that this is a great choice to fulfill your internet security needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The great advantage of having access to all of the above-mentioned features is that this is a complete solution to every threat you may encounter on the web, even if you are not savvy enough yet to know how to distinguish a malicious link from a regular one or you are not up-to-date with all the current ways in which you can be victim to an attack this software has you covered, and it is constantly updated to ensure that that is always the case. A disadvantage that you may find when using it is that you may feel your device is a little bit slower than before but compared to some of its competitors this slow down is almost unnoticeable. It is a very small price to pay for such a complete protection suite that will keep you safe from viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, malicious links, scams, and many other common problems.

Common Asked Questions

Now we will cover most of the more common questions found about this product and their best-regarded answers.


If you are surfing the web without protection on a Windows or Mac machine you are doing yourself a disservice, there are many things that you need to protect yourself today online, and Webroot Antivirus takes care of them all, this is a great choice to leave these kinds of worries behind.

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