Official 64-bit, Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Review

Ubuntu Linux, Long Term Support DVD

What a marvelous thing open software is. It has enabled the development of incredible technology, with great iteration speed and the highest of standards regarding quality. Maybe you are a long-term open software fan, or maybe you have no idea what we are discussing, no matter your background you will probably find great benefit in this excellent Ubuntu Linux distribution. We will cover the basics and go a bit in-depth to get everyone up to speed regarding this great operating system and its main features.


Ubuntu Linux 18.04

This product is a long term release of an excellent open-source operating system (OS for short) called Ubuntu Linux. That sentence alone has a lot to unpack, especially if you are new to the landscape of open software, so let’s go over the details a bit so that we are all on the same page when we reach the point of reviewing the specific product.

Let’s start at the beginning, what is an operating system?

The answer to that question is: An OS is a piece of software that handles everything at the level of software with any given piece of hardware. It is the basic thing that cannot be absent from a pc, tablet, phone or any other sophisticated piece of electronic equipment. It is the base where are all other applications can be installed and made to run from.

The most common examples of other OSs are Windows and macOS. Both of these are proprietary pieces of software, which means that you are only entitled to used them, and always for a price (sometimes a pretty high price).

What about Linux?

Linux is a form of OS that is open-source, meaning that everything in it is free for you to modify as you see fit, and this allows developers all over the world to choose the issues that they find in it, or add the features that they would like to see available for it. Because of this, the development cycles of Linux and other open-source pieces of software is much faster, which means better improvements over a shorter period of time.

Open software has seen its popularity rise steadily for many years now, to the point where most things you might have to spend money on have currently an open-source alternative that is usually much cheaper and in many instances completely free. This is the case with Linux, which has been around for a very long time, Linux is incredibly stable and Ubuntu is what is known as a ‘flavor’ of Linux, which means that it is a version of Linux that is specially built in a particular way, this is also known as a Linux Distribution.

Ubuntu has been around for a very long time, and it is currently one of the most popular and well-maintained distributions available. Now that we are all up-to-speed let’s dive into this particular offer.


If you choose to purchase this Linux Distribution you are getting a long term supported version, which means you are certain to get your support needs to be met long after this particular version has been replaced by the next ones. Usually, the development cycle of Ubuntu Linux takes about a year for a full next version release, which would mean that after a few years you would not receive support for your particular version unless you upgrade to a newer one, the support period is greatly increased in a long term support release.

Another benefit that you get when purchasing this DVD, Ubuntu Linux 18.04, is the fact that Ubuntu Linux is incredibly stable and safe, you can dispense with malware protection and antivirus software, there are no such things in Linux.

Also, the overwhelming majority of Linux software is available for free, and Ubuntu has its own store to ensure that you can quickly and easily find and install the piece of software that you need.

Features of Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Long Term Support DVD

With this release you get:

  • A physical copy of the DVD to install on any machine.
  • A code to download another disk image if you so need it with the same support features.
  • Free updates for all Ubuntu software.
  • Access to the whole Linux application ecosystem.

Customer Satisfaction

Most customers find that once they make the switch to Linux there is virtually nothing to regret and they never go back to the alternatives. Both Linux in general, and Ubuntu, in particular, are regarded in the highest esteem by the community and they are both winners of multiple awards. There is a reason why Linux is what powers 98 percent of the machines currently plugged into the internet and that is quality and reliability. User feedback appears to be overwhelmingly positive.

 Advantages and Disadvantages

Many of the advantages we have covered already, long term support, frequent and free updates, access to endless amounts of quality applications most of them free of charge, software that is secure and easy to use. A disadvantage that some users may find when making the switch to Linux is that since the OS is different you will not be able to install the same versions of the applications you would use on a Windows or Mac machine. This used to be a far greater problem than it actually is today, and you will get used to it very soon.

Common Asked Questions


This is an excellent choice whether you are an old-time Linux veteran or a new user looking to make the jump, you will not regret your decision. The official 64-bit, Ubuntu Linux 18.04 is an amazing product and great for Linux software. The product can come with long term support and great advantages.

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