Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS 32 and 64 bit latest long term support release

Operating system is commonly known as “soul of electronic devices”. Operating system is the source by means of which you can use the hardware capacities of your electronic device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or computing device. For example in terms of mobile phone usage you have many operating systems such as android, IOS and Blackberry OS, you have to choose the best according to your usage. Same is the case with computing devices they also have many operating systems such as windows, mac OS and etc. One of the operating systems that is mainly used by IT professionals is Linux. Due to its customizing capabilities and ease of development most of the IT professionals use Linux operating system. We have to see what are the reasons due to which most of the IT professionals use this operating system.


Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

The introduction of this product can be divided into two parts.

  • Linux
  • Ubuntu


Linux operating system was first developed and implemented in 1969 and was released in 1971. At that that time its distributors named it “Unix”. Linux was first conceived by 4 developers in Bell Laboratories, the developers were Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Douglas Mcllroy and Joe Ossanna. In modern world there are many operating systems that are very easy to use but many developers and IT professionals use Linux due to its customizing capacities but its not easy to use even for professionals.


Ubuntu is one of many Linux distributors that provides a specific type of Linux under their branding. Ubuntu is made on Debian’s architecture and infrastructure, and consist of Linux server, in desktop versions. There were also mobile phone and tablet versions which are not available now. Its first release was in October 2004. It is more likely to the web developers.

Now we will discuss the Ubuntu Linux and our specific product Ubuntu Linux 16.04.

Ubuntu Linux

Linux has many distributing companies like Arch Linux, Fedora, Kubuntu and many more. One of them is Ubuntu, it is one of the leading distributing companies of Linux. Ubuntu Linux is specially designed for the web developers. It is also most popular operating system across public clouds and open stack clouds. Ubuntu Linux is known to be the most secure, fast and simple to use.

Ubuntu Linux is always released in two types.

  • Desktop image
  • Server install image

We will discuss both separately.

Desktop image

This type allows you to install Ubuntu Linux without any changes in your computer. You can install it first to check only and then you can install it permanently.

Server install image

In this type you can install the Ubuntu Linux permanently on your device.

Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS was released on 21 April 2016. It was released in  two versions.

  1. Desktop image
  2. Server install image

Both are available in 32 and 64 bit versions, you can choose 32-bit or 64-bit according to your processor. In previous releases LTS was only for three years but for this version and all next LTS are for five years. There are different aspects of this product which are needed to be discussed and we will discuss all its aspects in following.

Systems requirements for Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

There are some minimum system requirements that are needed to be fulfilled if you want to use this product “Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS” smoothly.


The minimum processor required to run this product on your device is at least 2 GHZ dual-core processor or more.


The minimum Ram required is 2 GB.


Storage or disk space required that is required is at least 25 GB.

Above are some minimum hardware requirements that your device must fulfill to have smooth and fast experience of this product “Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS”.


There are some advantages that Ubuntu has over Windows, some of the advantages are following.

  1. Ubuntu Linux is free of cost in most of the cases
  2. It is completely customizable as compared to Windows.
  3. Security is another advantage that Ubuntu has over Windows.
  4. You can also run Ubuntu without installing.
  5. For web developers Ubuntu is clearly is a better choice.
  6. Ubuntu can also be updated without installing.
  7. Having an open source is also an advantage that Ubuntu has over Windows.
  8. Ubuntu is also friendly to mire resources as compared to Windows.

Above were some advantages that Ubuntu clearly have over Windows.


With above advantages Ubuntu also have some disadvantages or more specifically limitations.

Some of them are following.

  1. Ubuntu as compared to other operating systems and new technologies is very conventional. Its not conventional according to functions but due to theme.
  2. In Ubuntu there is very less hardware support as compared to other operating systems. Some people complain about modem working when they use Ubuntu Linux.
  3. Ubuntu is very much customizable but very complex to use, that is the reason only IT professionals use it.
  4. It is very difficult to play modern day games on Ubuntu as it shows very low graphics, so most of people use emulators.
  5. Ubuntu cannot play Mp3 files by default.
  6. As compared to Windows there is very poor forum support in Ubuntu, sometimes it takes even a month to solve a query.
  7. Users of Windows or MAC will find it very difficult to use Ubuntu and they cannot easily adjust to the difference easily.

Above were some disadvantages that a user might face while using this product “Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS”. They are the reasons that only IT professionals use this operating system.

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