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Everyone wants to be a guru in typing. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to speedy typing. A fast typist will work on project pretty fast and the turn around time is quick. Be that as it may, you cannot be a typing guru over night. There is a period of preparation and practice. Whatever you practice is what you master. Practice typing if you want to be the best that the world knows in typing. Speedy computer usage is a function of how well you know your keys. You cannot function optimally as you may wish if you keep searching for one key on the keyboard for a long time. You will delay in delivery of your thesis or the assignment that needs your input. It has always bee the dream of many adults, even teens as well, to be able to type fast.

You ca master your typing skills fast if you have the right application on your personal computer. It is not every app that will make you the guru you have always aspired to be. Some will keep you waiting since the lessons do not come in handy with the requirements that you have. Look for the best app that will solve your typing issues.


Typesy Review WeeklyReviewer TypesyTypesy Review WeeklyReviewer Typesy

Typesy is that best app that has been tailor made to solve your typing challenges. Typesy is a software that is very comprehensive and advanced typing tutor which has been made by a group of experts in eReflect. It has been custom made for you so that you can be proficient in typing. A high typing speed gives you an edge above the rest of the people you work with and makes your personal and professional life easy and enjoyable. You can sit anywhere, open your personal computer, and type an email that was needed urgently. The tutor has been designed in a scientific manner to make your learning fun, efficient, and fast. It was developed researching for more than 6 years about computer science, motor learning, and typing. The application has over 500 exercises and 300 activities that are designed to help you increase your speed of typing. There are funny videos that are put in place to give you personalized instruction as you learn. The guidance is personal and you are bound to learn fast and with lots of fun.    

Benefits of Typesy

A correct and an accurate touch typing gives you convenience as you type your assignments and do any research online. Moreover, it makes communication very easy since you can speedily type your chat messages. Therefore, if you have Typesy, you will manage to complete your assignments and any other work fast and this makes you eligible for higher grades.

If you can type fast, you are always preferred in the job openings. You need your typing skills to be a notch higher so that you can finish the job assignments on time.

If you learn typing with Typesy, you can understand how to use computers with lots of ease. You can play games easily, use the training interfaces properly, perform some drills on your laptop, and read on your PC with ease.

Typesy has a cloud based design that provides a higher level flexibility for class based typing. It is simple to execute. You can learn at your speed and the software will adapt to your needs.

It is easy to practice on Typesy, but this calls for discipline from your end. If you want fast results, you have to keep practicing for at least 7 minutes per day for a period of 14 days.   

Features of Typesy

Typesy has an array of features that make it the perfect typing software that you need to improve your typing speed.

It has a training program that is activity centered. The program gives you 7 learning and typing techniques as fundamental training process. The learning process is divided into 500 lessons, activities, and drills that have been made by the experts. You will also find over 16 typing games and activities.

Typesy has an educative program that is custom made for you. The typing activities are combined with Wikipedia, a renowned ocean full of knowledge. You can therefore educate yourself on various areas as you learn how to type.

The modern and clean interface in Typesy makes it very comfortable and convenient to work with. It keeps the text that you are typing on the screen and only displays one activity that you are currently working on.

Typesy has a facility that can track all your statistics of training. These will help you monitor the progress you are making as you learn. You will get feedback after each session of training and they will also give suggestions on how you can improve your typing accuracy and speed.

Typesy has made it possible to work with more than one user in the cloud. Close friends and family members will find this feature useful since they can learn at their convenience. The program can admit anyone who is 6 years or older.

Customer satisfaction

Typesy has been applauded by many due to the ease with which it brings. It has made it possible to learn the typing menace that has amazed many users. It is loved by many users due to the easy interface which can be used by anyone who desires to have their typing speed improved.

Advantages and disadvantages of Typesy

The app has high quality tutorials and videos which are presented and designed by high level experts. The explanations are elaborate and lucid giving you various aspects of typing. The users can choose the type of background they need for various activities. However, it has been accused by many of consuming a lot of space on their Personal computers

Common questions asked


Typesy is a classy and incredibly nice typing trainer. The features found herein are not in many programs. It will meet every need you have regarding typing applications.

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