Toys"R"Us offers up the formula to getting the perfect toy for kids this Christmas

Expert advice to gift-givers that suits any budget, all ages and every interest

SINGAPORE, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Christmas is coming fast and with many budgets a little tighter this year, more families are looking for ways to get the most out of their gift purchases. Toys”R”Us is here to help parents and gift-givers pick the perfect toys for children to suit any budget, all ages and every interest. When it comes to putting a smile on the face of your little loved-ones while also staying within your budget, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind as you go about shopping at Toys”R”Us.

“We know that when it comes to toys, kids just want to have fun, but based on our research we see that many adults shopping for kids’ toys today are more conscious about how toys support critical skills development and learning as children play with them,” said Jo Hall, Chief Commercial Officer of Toys”R”Us Asia. “Toys can help children discover and explore, build their creativity, develop their emotions, and of course fuel their imagination. But to know which toy is suitable for your little one, there are some factors to consider.”

Choosing the right toy involves four key factors: the age of the child, where they are in their development journey, the play patterns that support their developmental needs, and when they are old enough, play activities or toys that they are attracted to.

Toys for different ages and play patterns

New-born to 6 months

Developmental Play: At this stage babies are learning how their body moves and developing core motor skills – tummy time is important for developing head and neck muscles. They’re fascinated by sounds, colours and shapes! Suitable toys are those that they can reach for, look at and even listen to. At this age, it is also about toys that encourage adults to interact playfully with the baby.

Toy suggestions: Activity playmats, musical toys with lights, and toys with different textures.

6 to 12 months

Developmental and Physical Play: At this stage, babies can move much more. They may be sitting, pulling themselves up or even crawling. Toys that support movement, particularly of hands and feet, are great options at this age.

Toy suggestions: Play tables with music and objects to touch and press, stacking rings, and large, soft building blocks.

12 to 24 months

Developmental, Physical and Role Play: Toddlers may be starting to exhibit more control over their fine motor movements and are often more keen to explore and experiment! They’re also doing more imitating and pretending as they play. Toys which enable them to continue to practice their gross motor movements and help them experiment and discover is the way to go!

Toy suggestions: Ride-on walkers, kitchen/household playsets, building blocks, baby dolls and accessories, and pull-toys.

24 to 36 months

Developmental, Physical, Role Play: At this age, many children are talking with a growing vocabulary, are starting to interact with other children and are full of energy, walking, running and climbing. Toys suitable for this age group are those that support vocabulary development, attention and focus, problem solving and listening skills.

Toy suggestions: Role play toys, building blocks, children’s learning tablets and audio story books.

36 months- to 5-years-old

Developmental, Physical, Role and Social Play: This group of young children now have a mind of their own, are developing identifiable personal interests and are playing with each other! Toys promoting movement, coordination and group play are important as social interaction and developing friendships are key at this age.

Toy suggestions: Scooters, balls, colouring books, simple board games, dolls, die-cast vehicles, and dough products.

5 to 8-years-old

Developmental, Physical, Role and Social Play: As these children start primary school, they are continually developing and evolving their own interests and hobbies. Toys at this stage can be geared even more towards supporting their unique interests.

Toy suggestions: Sporting equipment, science kits, arts and craft kits, building blocks, remote control vehicles, action figures, kinetic sand and slime.

8-years-old and above

Developmental, Physical, Role and Social Play: At this stage, children are ready for more advanced toys as they go through a spurt in physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Suitable toys should be tailored towards developing their interests, challenging their motor and cognitive skills.

Toy suggestions: Card and board games, science kits, tech toys and sports equipment.

“This Christmas, our Toys”R”Us stores are the perfect places to see what your child is attracted to as they explore the aisles and play with toys on the demonstration tables,” added Hall. “We encourage parents to not only talk to our in-store team members, but to also observe and learn from their children in this environment to help ensure that when it comes time to buy a perfect gift, they know exactly what to look for.”

Toys”R”Us exclusive brands that support childhood development

To support learning and development through play, Toys”R”Us has introduced a broad suite of unique and exclusive brands that not only provide countless hours of fun-filled play and fuel imagination, but also grow with children as they transition through the various growth stages. In many cases information on the learning and development benefits is included on the packaging. This makes it easier for parents and gift-givers to assess the suitability of the item.

These exclusive brands cover a wide range of toy products and include Top Tots, Friends for Life, Creation Nation, Play Pop, Speed City and Baby Blush.

“Toys”R”Us Asia has created and continues to evolve these exclusive brands that directly respond to our customers’ desire for safe, quality products at great value, and which last longer and offer more play occasions for kids as they grow and learn,” said Hall. “With plans to unveil new brands in the coming months, we’re continuing to offer more solutions for parents that better meet their needs.”

About Toys”R”Us Asia

For nearly 40 years, Toys”R”Us has been the trusted partner to families as the leading destination for the best toys, games, sports equipment and learning supplies for kids and toddlers, along with everything new parents need to care for and support their babies.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company operates over 470 stores with more than 10,000 team members across Asia, including Brunei, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand – and licenses more than 85 stores in the Philippines and Macau. Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us offer a carefully selected range of quality local and international brands, innovative and exclusive products, engaging loyalty programs and an interactive in-store experience that fuel a child’s imagination and inspire learning at every stage of a child’s development.

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