Top 5 Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office

5 best alternatives to Microsoft office that will speed up your everyday tasks

Microsoft office is a powerhouse suite of presentation, spreadsheet, documents and other office works. It’s no wonder you need it in your office or business life. If you’re put off by the costs, subscriptions or are just looking for alternatives WeeklyReviewer’s got your back!. Here are the Top 5 best alternatives to Microsoft office that will enable speedup your everyday tasks while working from home or at the office.

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Top 5 best alternatives to microsoft office

  1. FreeOffice:

This looks a lot more like Microsoft office so if you are looking for a free and easy alternative to Microsoft office features then this can be considered as one of the option and some of its features include; an interface that’s very much close to Microsoft office, touchscreen compatibility available for Windows, Mac, and Linux though it offers a basic version for android users as well.

Check out FreeOffice.

It can easily be used both at home and at some created workplace because it is a complete office suite. This suite is equipped with Microsoft word, excel, and PowerPoint formats; you are able to view and save your documents while supporting older files.

  1. WPS Office:

WPS office was released by a Chinese’s software developer Kingsoft in 2016 available for windows, Linux, Android and IOS. It is also available in English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, polish, and Russian.

Check out WPS office!

It also offers free tier which allows you to use writer, presentation, and spreadsheets which are free of charge and similar to Microsoft office icons while the premium offer is paid

It offers a PDF to word converter that is easy and fast to use

It also supports bulk exportation and can split merge PDF files when needed

  1. LibreOffice:

This office is available in 110 languages compared to WPS office where the languages are limited to a few. It is an offspring of the Document Foundation and split from Open Office and uses ODF (open Document) format which supports Microsoft office icons and other format types. It also supports exporting your files into a PDF format.

Check out LibreOffice.

You can add extra features to it via extension from its websites.

  1. OnlyOffice:

It has got a completely free version known as community Edition most suitable for small businesses allowing up to 20 connections at once. This suite is not only for the usual Microsoft office feature but it can also be used in order fulfillment and documenting sales.

It also features a handy calendar which allows the user to keep up to date with personal and office works while keeping in mind the deadline.

You can as create your own mailboxes with the “mail” tool and supporting third party integration.

Check out OnlyOffice.

  1. Calligra office:

It was initially released in October, 2000 as part of KOffice, developed by KDE primarily for graphic art design purposes. Just like the rest it’s free with some excellent advanced features available on Linux, Mac OS, windows and android which can be downloaded directly from its own website or KDE downloads page however it is completely different from Libreoffice as it does not have any feature of Microsoft office.

Check out Calligra Office.

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