Top 3 Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews and Why you need one

Why Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Why should you buy a screen protector for your phone or tablet? Read our Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews and more to find out!

Almost everyone has a phone, a tablet, or even a smart bracelet (watch or other). All of these beautiful devices have a screen and are relatively expensive. Therefore, it is important to protect them well, because replacing a screen (or the entire device!) is expensive, not to mention the time of repair or replacement during which we must learn to do without it.

Placing a phone in a case is a good start, but it doesn’t always protect the most important part. The one we use the most and, ironically, the most fragile: its screen. Also, many people do not want to use a case because it unnecessarily enlarges the device or slightly changes its appearance.

For a tablet, it is different. The device is bigger, we have a better reflection and we buy a case … but it still doesn’t protect the screen if it is accidentally dropped or hit.

A screen saver, as the name implies, will protect your screen, without physically modifying your device, whatever it is. That’s why we wrote our Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews; find out why you need a screen protector for your device to save maintenance and repair costs down the line.

Why Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews and More

Top 3 Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews and Why you need one WeeklyReviewer Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews
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Why apply a screen protector?

You may not have experienced it yet, but you certainly know someone who has happened to it … you just drop your phone or tablet once and it breaks! The screen cracks or breaks completely, often leaving the device unusable.

Here are 5 interesting and relatively recent statistics on screen jumps on our precious devices:

  • 45% of smartphone owners will accidentally break it.
  • The average time between the purchase of a device and its breakdown is 10 weeks.
  • 38% of people will drop their device while holding it
  • 28% of escaped devices will fall into the water / 8% will escape liquids on their device
  • 15% of people will drop their device while it is on them (for example, we forget that the device is on our legs and we get up, making it fall)

In short, whether it’s to protect it from scratches, to protect it from breakage, or to resell a device in perfect condition (and get a better value) when you want to change it, all the reasons are good to use a screen protector

Screen savers have improved and diversified over time.

Screen protectors have been around for a long time. They have even branched out over time and there are even some for watches or bracelets now!

The first types of protectors for phones or tablets were difficult to install. Sometimes you had to measure and cut them yourself, because the offer was not very extensive on this side and, if you bought a less popular device, the size of your screen did not exist. By gluing the protector, we often end up with air bubbles trapped everywhere.

However, for several years, the offer has greatly improved. We find not only adhesive protectors, plastic or glass, but also liquid protectors. Each has different advantages, and prices obviously vary from one to the other.

Liquid screen protectors

It’s hard to believe, at first, that liquid protectors can do the same job as a plastic or glass protector. But after having tried Crystal tech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector on my phone, it works! Simply wipe with the included rubbing alcohol wipe, wipe clean with a small dry cloth, then apply the liquid protector (also with a wipe included) to the entire surface of the device, including the edges of the screen The back of your device is it made of glass? Also apply on this side.

Just 5 minutes later, I ran a fork across the screen and the liquid had hardened enough to protect it from scratches! Also, liquid protectors are generally used to process displays up to 17 inches diagonal or, if you have smaller devices, to process more than one display.

Best Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews on Amazon

Here are the top 3 Liquid Glass Screen Protectors on Amazon with the best Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews:

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Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews

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Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews

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Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews

We hope you’ve learned the use of liquid screen protectors in these Liquid Glass Screen Protector Reviews. Check out more Mobile accessories and Technology Reviews on WeeklyReviewer!

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