Top 10 Worst Games on Steam

Top 10 Worst Games on Steam:

There are a ridiculous number of games on Steam, but are all Steam games worth buying? Lets talk about some of the worst games on steam. We’d like to thank Steam Curator: Worst games of all time and The Guardian’s 2015 Review.


  1. Postal III:

Postal III is strange as a result of the game goes third-person that is concerning the nicest factor concerning the game. Everything else is just broken, ugly and barren of discernible humor. The original developers outsourced the game to a Russian studio and everything turned to crap pretty quickly. Running with Scissors, the first developers, even told individuals not to get the game and unacknowledged the project entirely.

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  1. Roller Coaster Tycoon World:

Maybe its better if developers and studios simply leave classic series be. Roller-coaster top executive world ought to be an incredible game, it’s anything but a leggy experience that kills any fun. User-generated content has problems loading but if it loads at all, and if it will, be prepared for the game to eat up all of your resources until you crash out.

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  1. Agricultural Simulator 2013 Steam Edition:

Agricultural simulator 2013 Steam Edition has such a big kind of problems, it is a surprise however it even available free on Steam. Plenty of the games feels unfinished, with several assets being recycled from previous titles within the series. And since the games won’t set any kind of achievements, there is no way to complete the game.

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  1. Day One, Garry’s Incident:

There is nothing worse than a terrible game returning from a fairly cool conception. You play as a stranded pilot that has everything to survive. Sadly, the game is therefore broken that you just can’t do much of anything, plus you will not going to have any fun.

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  1. Deus Ex, The Fall:

Deus Ex: Mouse clicking is buggy with things merely not registering. The graphics weren’t bumped up in quality during this port and you’ve got solely one save slot to figure with. This game provides Deus Ex a nasty name.

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  1. Umbrella Corps:

The game itself could be a complete mess with complaints that touching somebody with the gun doing additional injury than the ax called the brainer. The worst drawback is that the game continues to be purchasable, however it’s an online only title. The developers never add support for bots.

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  1. Airport Simulator 2014:

With a reputation like airport simulator, you’d figure out that you would be simulating the running on airport. You do not get to try that here, instead, you only move helper vehicles to airplanes that loose the interest of its user.

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  1. Guardians of Middle-earth:

MOBAs are large money-makers with an insane quantity of individuals enjoying. The bugs and claims of Pay-to-Win killed the experience and what is worse is that the game continues to be being oversubscribed, although the servers are dead.

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  1. Command & Conquer 4, Tiberian Twilight:

The system that has return to outline the series has been modified and adds a grinding element that left fans with a nasty style in their mouth. Players say the game is additional of a tug of war vogue game and they are looking for something new.

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  1. Flat out 3:

The game saw the first developer leave the series so the things went downhill quickly. Fans hate everything concerning it and have managed to tag the game on steam under “psychological horror” due to the sense of dread, it brings players who spent cash on that.

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