Toksi, a Revolutionary App That Aims To Digitalize Taxi Services, was Launched

VIENNA, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A group of developers with backgrounds in different sectors, such as blockchain, cab companies, business banking services, retail, lifestyle management, etc., has launched a groundbreaking application for ride-sharing, which aims to disrupt the existing business model of taxi services and offer something fundamentally new to the market – the Toksi app. While modern taxi firms provide poor conditions for drivers with a lack of transparency, the Toksi app brings a fair, transparent, and effective ride-sharing system that simultaneously takes care of the environment, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The Toksi application is easy to handle for clients and drivers, for it has a user-friendly launchpad that is successfully working in many European countries. However, care for the environment and transparency are not the only advantages Toksi brings – being a blockchain project, Toksi also allows drivers and clients to earn tokens and rewards while using the Toksi services while stimulating the growth of blockchain adoption and application worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at the app.

What Is Toksi

Toksi is the application enabling a transparent and efficient ride-sharing system. The project’s developers aim to revolutionise the taxi service business, disrupting the existing business model and creating a fair and robust ride-hailing system based on the blockchain ecosystem.

Current problems with taxi services:

  • Unfair drivers’ payouts and lack of transparency. Most taxi companies charge high commission rates, benefiting from the drivers’ hard work and paying them unfairly low paychecks. Besides, drivers lack transparency in their work.
  • Co2 Emission. Road travel accounts for three-quarters of transport emissions to the environment. Most of this comes from cars and buses – 45,1%. The other 29,4% comes from trucks carrying cargo.

The Solution Offered By Toksi

  • 10% of the Toksi worldwide profits are donated to charities and organisations working on climate change. Votings take place in the community to decide which charity to donate to. Thus, people automatically contribute to the environment by loading the Toksi app and using it in everyday life. Besides, Toksi’s developers are working on introducing Co2-free vehicles for drivers, which will reduce carbon emissions. The app will reward those clients who choose to travel with Co2-free vehicles.
  • The application provides fairer payments for drivers and low commissions, allowing them to get much higher paychecks while spending the same time. In addition, due to blockchain technology, drivers access all information on their work through smart contracts.

Not only drivers but also clients benefit from using the Toksi app – no matter where clients ride, they can gain rewards through the TOI Token. The rewards are paid to users’ wallets in the form of TOI tokens.

There is an opportunity to stake TOI tokens. All those who lock the TOI tokens in the staking pool are a part of the 70% profit distribution.


Users can play the game for free, but with the NFT, they also have the possibility to earn TOI.


Users may take sponsorship offers from Toksi where they put the logo from the sponsor on their vehicles and drive around the city. Also, there is the opportunity to earn TOI Token through NFT.


Milestones, referral system, or when users order CO2-free taxis, they get TOI for each kilometre as a reward for driving CO2-free.

Three important points of the Toksi company

Community ride

Through the Toksi Token, everyone can earn from rides taken around the world, whether that be the ride in Vienna, New York, London, or Dubai – with the TOI Token, users gain rewards for every ride!

Future ride

Since 10% of the Toksi worldwide profits are donated to charities and organisations working on climate change, thus by requesting a ride via the Toksi app, users will be automatically making an impactful contribution to the environment.

Social ride

Toksi is committed to providing fairer payments for drivers by offering significantly lower commissions than its peers, hence resulting in the driver earning more money in comparison to the existing platforms within the same amount of time.

About Toksi

Toksi is a project aimed to make this world better, helping reduce environmental pollution, enabling drivers with a transparent and fair product with decent payouts and allowing both clients and drivers to take advantage of expanding Toksi application with a lot of earning opportunities and rewards in the form of TOKI tokens and NFT Ride-To-Earn game platform.

In the future, Toksi plans to develop and add services such as e-scooters, shared cabs, and self-driving cabs.

Toksi, a Revolutionary App That Aims To Digitalize Taxi Services, was Launched WeeklyReviewer

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