The Best Digital Marketing Services in 2020



The overall growth of the digital marketing market will be driven by certain branches of marketing, while others will be neglected. Therefore, digital marketing services are driven by inbound marketing. This engagement marketing personalizes the brand-customer relationship and requires a deep understanding of each customer and their journey, which is increasingly complex and diffuse.

Therefore, the domain of digital marketing services and data specialists will increase in comparison to traditional actors in communication and advertising consulting. The increase in inbound marketing will be done through proprietary digital media and social media (being careful not to predict which social media will be strong in 2020 as this sector is changing). The corollary to this growth is a drop in email and display investments.


The Best Digital Marketing Services in 2020
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Running an online business is not as easy as you think.

If we compare the management and maintenance of a physical business with the infrastructure, it seems simpler. Let’s face it, it is no longer possible for a respectful company to ignore digital marketing. We have entered a new era: the information age (Big Data). Businesses can no longer ignore the Internet and must somehow integrate digital marketing services and digital tools into their systems.

Over the years, we have begun to integrate smartphones, tablets, social media, social messaging apps, online payment solutions into our lives so that we cannot do without them. Imagine what our lives would be like without these new technologies. This is no longer possible. Unfortunately, many SMEs still don’t know how to use social media, SEO, or email marketing to reach the gigantic Internet market, and that can be understood. These new forms of marketing are far from obvious to most of us. This, of course, requires knowledge (technical and practical) combined with a good marketing spirit.

The good news is that there are many tools and digital marketing services that allow companies to take advantage of social media, SEO, and email marketing. With some technical knowledge, anyone can use them to:

  • Do keyword research (SEO)
  • Program newsletters (email marketing)
  • Create images and illustrations for social networks
  • Do a competitive analysis
  • Format web pages and analyze the performance of a website

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In this article, we will share favorite tools that I use on a daily basis to manage my online presence. Technically, I don’t know anything about it, and yet I can use these tools. So why not you? You may be familiar with one or two of these tools. Others may be new to you.

In any case, make sure of one thing. By combining these tools, you will be able to manage your online presence and generate qualified leads through your website or social media. You just need to use these tools that we will introduce you to.

1) Publishing To Buffer

Post/publishing to Buffer allows you to schedule your posts on all your social networks on one platform. Buffer is one of my favorite web tools, perhaps the one that I prefer among all the tools that I am going to present to you, because it is extremely easy to use. And besides, it is not limited at all in the free version (unlike its competitors).

With Buffer, you can schedule your content months in advance, whenever you want. In the free version, you can schedule up to 10 posts and are entitled to 3 social accounts. The paid version starts at $ 15 per month and offers the possibility of managing 8 social accounts (perfect if you are a solopreneur). This time you are entitled to 10 social accounts in total (profiles, pages or groups).

For each social network, you can set a calendar: choose the hours and days for which you want your posts to be published. As you can see, I have no preference for hours on Twitter. It is the same calendar every day (I left the default calendar). As soon as I add a post to my “queue” (list of posts to post). It will be published at the next scheduled time on my calendar.

Without a doubt, the Buffer Publish feature that I like the most is its Chrome extension. It allows you to add content you liked on the web to your “queue”. For example, if I like a blog article so much that I share it on my social accounts, I can do it with one click for all my social networks.

You can add the description I want for each social network. It’s as simple as that and you can choose to add it to your “queue”, schedule it for next time on your calendar, or share it now.

2) Ubersuggest

After Buffer, Ubersuggest is my second favorite tool and one of the most useful for me. If I described Ubersuggest in a few words, I would tell you that it is the ultimate tool for SEO and content marketing. And I tell you from the beginning, it is completely free (for now). So what does he do?

Basically, it only had one feature: finding long tail keywords of a keyword. For example, if I search for the keyword “digital marketing“, Ubersuggest will suggest several long tail keywords like:

  • Master in digitalmarketing
  • DigitalMarketing Training
  • Definition of digitalmarketing

Quickly understand the value of this feature for keyword research, which is essential when you want to rank search engine content for a specific keyword. It is this tool that I use to analyze all long-tail keywords linked to a generic keyword such as “Facebook advertising”, “digital marketing“, “content marketing“, etc.

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Today, Ubersuggest offers many more features that I will not show in this article (it would take too long). For example, it allows you to find content ideas for a single keyword. If I type “Instagram Stories”, Ubersuggest will suggest articles that contain this keyword in their title.

For just a few months, Ubersuggest has been able to analyze in detail the field of any competitor. This’ll help you understand how digital marketing services affect your brand. If we take mine, you can see in the screenshot below:

  • The amount of organic keywords that bring me traffic
  • Monthly organic traffic (this is an estimate that is rarely accurate)
  • My domain score (from 1 to 100)
  • The total number of backlinks (inbound links to my site)

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