Stonk Tech Launches Free App Providing Extra Support To Retail Investors

The Stonk Tech App will be available on October 27th in the Apple Store and provides a new layer of guidance and support to retail investors.

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Stonk Tech Inc., the leading platform that supports and guides retail traders across their investment journey, is excited to announce the launch of the Stonk app.

Stonk was designed with socialization and information sharing at the core of the product, so retail investors can easily access all the collected wisdom from the community, tools, information, and markets free of charge. Co-Founders of Stonk, Mike Wu, Lic Zhou, and Marc Chen know that the institutional trader’s executions are usually powered by a huge support team including, but not limited to an equity researcher, risk analyst, quantitative engineer, and tech support. Most retail investors don’t have any of that, and the imbalance of resources makes this an unfair game for them.

“With the rise of commission-free trading in the past years, access to the secondary market is no longer a roadblock for everyday investors. However, with the inflow of new investors and beginner traders, lack of access to tools, information, and communication became the new problem. Making it possible for everyone to trade freely is only the first step in liberating the secondary market, the second comes down to gearing retail traders up with knowledge, a toolbox, and support from veterans. And that’s what we are doing here at Stonk; let’s trade smarter, together,” stated Co-founder Mike Wu.

Lack of help and support isn’t the only issue; not enough infrastructure, such as tools and access to different markets makes it difficult for retail traders to outperform traditional institutions. Many strategies run by institutions and funds require exposure to many different markets such as equity, bonds, forex, and sometimes even costumed derivatives from market makers at the same time. Access to resources, like a simple option trade scanner, or dark pool orders, could easily cost a retail investor 150$ a month. So, to make this game fairer to everyday investors, the Co-Founders of Stonk liberate the retail investing market and finish what Robinhood has failed to do.

“We thought that the only way a retail investor could get the same amount of help as institutional traders do is through other retail investors. Working together and being each other’s support team is the only way out of this imbalanced match, and that is the reason we made socialization and sharing information the core of our product” expressed Co-founder Lic Zhou.

Stonk is committed to leveling the playing field, by providing retail traders the information they need to compete against legacy investors. No one wants to enter a contest with one arm tied behind their back; the Stonk Tech App ‘unties the arm’ of the retail trading market.

“We provide many professional tools to our users for free because the idea of being charged a few hundred bucks for the data that retail investors have also helped to contribute does not really make sense to me,” declared Co-founder Marc Chen.

Stonk Tech Inc. main features focus on sharing knowledge and support:

    • Social media designed for everyday investors and traders: See and understand other traders and investors’ behavior, why they buy or sell. Connect, interact and ask questions via live streams and subscriptions.
    • Investing and trading Bootcamp with experts in your hand: Free video and live streaming by all types of trading experts, for you to find your role model to become the type of trader or investor that you want to be.
    • Professional trading tools made it easy and free for retail investors: Free dark pool and options flow access, which instantly will help you to save hundreds of dollars. Zero commission for stock and options trading coming soon!

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About Stonk
Stonk is an innovative brokerage platform for retail traders which combines a social media element with advanced trading tools. With Stonk, beginner investors get access to professional trading features, peer-to-peer community of investors, data with interpretation, and social media platform with video content.
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