Savory & Partners: The Education Benefits Of Having A Second Citizenship

DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Education has become the foundation of a prosperous life. People from all over the globe strive to widen their horizons and open doors to opportunities through pursuing better education, and this has been reflected in the massive global education infrastructure.

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However, in some instances, those with the will and desire to pursue education are restricted by their location, mobility, and their home country’s limitations. To this end, various people pursue a second citizenship in order to provide their children with a pathway to the best education they can obtain, and ensure they have the tools they need to fulfill their potential and thrive in an ever-competitive world.

How second citizenship boosts education

One of the main challenges of education comes at the university level, where, in some countries, there are only a handful of universities, and only some of them offer specific courses. This leads to greater competition, limited seats, and shattered dreams.

Students looking to get into a specific major at a certain university may have a tough time doing so. This can lead to them going into majors that do not interest them, leading them to lose interest in their studies.

Having a second citizenship opens up an entirely new set of universities for students to choose from, giving them more options, more choices, and a better chance at pursuing their dream career.

Choosing the right second citizenship can also allow children to pursue majors that are unavailable in their home country, so having a citizenship in a country with an education infrastructure that compliments one’s original country can provide students with unlimited opportunities.

A second citizenship can also provide students with the ability to study in universities that specifically specialize in certain majors, giving them the edge when they enter a competitive market.

For example, those looking to specialize in AR/VR can greatly benefit from having an EU citizenship that gives them access to regions that specialize in these fields like Scandanavia or the Netherlands.

While those looking to hone their business pedigree could also attend universities in Ireland that are paving the way in terms of business education, namely in Dublin. Doing so as EU nationals provides them a simple route to entry, lower fees as local students, and access to EU student support.

How citizenship by investment factors into the equation

Getting a second citizenship, however, is not an easy task. Normally it takes years or even a decade of residing in a country to qualify for its citizenship. Some countries do not even offer its residents a pathway to naturalization and citizenship, such as many of the countries in the GCC region.

However, there is a simple route to gaining a second citizenship, and that is by obtaining it through investment. Some countries offer their citizenship and passport in exchange for an economic contribution from foreign investors, and this route takes only months and can greatly benefit investors and their family members.

Five Caribbean nations, which are Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, and St Lucia all offer citizenship by investment programs. Not only are they Commonwealth nations that have powerful passports, they only take three to six months for investors and their families to obtain citizenship without the need to reside or travel to them beforehand.

One major benefit of a Caribbean citizenship within the realm of education is the universities in those nations themselves, as Grenada boasts St George’s University, a leading medical educational institute that provides the region with some of its best doctors and medical staff.

Antigua is home to the University of the West Indies, a large institute with a wide array of majors available for students, and what is more interesting is that Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment applicants are eligible to apply for massive discounts on tuition.

However, Caribbean citizenship offers more in terms of education benefits. Holders of one of these passports have visa free access to a massive amount of destinations, such as the UK, EU, Hong Kong, and many others. If students are applying for universities in one of these destinations, then they can quickly attend interviews if needed, and not lose out on an opportunity due to not being able to get a visa.

Other nations, such as Malta, offer citizenship through investment programs. Being an EU nation, Malta offers its citizens the chance to study and live in any EU nation, and also allows students to work in the EU once they graduate without the need to be shackled by an EU work permit.

Turkey is also another nation teaming with top tier universities and has its own citizenship by investment program, giving students even more opportunities and choices when looking to get the best education possible in a very affordable environment.

Having a second citizenship not only grants more education opportunities, but gives students access to their choice of institutes, as some universities provide excellent training programs and direct routes to employment in top tier corporations. The great news is, getting a second citizenship has never been easier or more affordable.

To know more about getting a second citizenship through investment and how it can benefit your children in terms of education contact us today to book a consultation with one of our experts.

Savory & Partners is an accredited agent for multiple governments where citizenship by investment is offered. Founded in 1797, the agency has evolved from pharmaceuticals to family assets and legacy protection through second citizenship and residency. The company’s professional, multinational staff is made up of expert advisors who have guided thousands of clients, including many North African investors, on their journey to find the most suitable CBI program for them. The Savory & Partners team will be happy to answer your enquiries in English, Arabic, Farsi, French and Spanish.

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