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The best way you can learn a new language is when and if you can surround yourself with the language. You cannot learn a new language if you keep whining about how difficult it is. You have to be positive that you can learn it regardless of its complexity. If you want to understand many people in the world, try and learn their language. Different people speak different languages even if they come from the same region. There is a disparity in the way pronunciations are made and this makes it hard for people to understand each other. You will not thrive in the world of business if you only know one language, the one for your locals at your home area. If you desire to be a global champion, there is a likelihood that you will have to be a person of many tongues. A person who speaks your language has a different level of appeal as opposed to one who just speaks his or her own local dialect. Go a notch higher by learning a new language today to improve your chances of climbing the ladder of business and other areas in life.   


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Rosetta stone is a different one since it works for all and sundry. If you are no longer wishing to play games and you want to learn, you have to learn with Rosetta stone. Regardless of whether you are offline or online, the app that has won many accolades can effectively campaign for itself. Rosetta stone Inc. is a popular program that has changed the lives of many through the use of the power of literacy education and language. The solutions found in Rosetta stone are very innovative which are aimed at driving positive learning outcomes for the learner whether at the workplace, school, or even at home across the globe.

Rosetta stone was started in 1992 and it uses solutions that are based in the cloud to assist all leaners to speak, write, and read over 30 languages. The division’s literacy education commonly referred to as Lexia Learning, began more than three decades ago and has been a leader in the space of literacy education. Currently, Lexia has assisted students and workers to build the basic skills of learning new languages through rigorous research, independent evaluation, and highly respected assessment and instruction programs.        

Benefits of Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone is billed as the best of the rest since it is a premier software for interactive language learning. It is used by all and sundry and it is pitched for all from government officials to the everyday people such as you and me. It is a self-contained learning environment that works for anyone who is interested. According to the creators, if you use the software, you can quickly learn a new language through being immersed in the software. You don’t even need to get out of your house. You will not need to visit a country to learn the language. It can be taught at the comfort of your house. Though this convenience comes at a cost, you will not feel it since the benefits outweigh the cost.

A user can perfect their pronunciation of any language since the speech recognition engine that is patented compares the way you pronounce with the actual language speakers of the world. This takes you a very short time. You can thrive in real time conversations through the web. The Dynamic immersion method of Rosetta stone gives you a chance to converse real time with other people on the web. Once you learn through Rosetta stone, you will sound as though you are a native since the app gives you the TruAccent speech recognition engine.  

Features of Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone has numerous features that are custom made to excite you as you learn. Learning in the cloud is sometimes boring especially if you are not a computer person. The dynamic curriculum and the proven methodology makes it easy to learn. Moreover, the native speaking tutors will polish your pronunciation aided by the advanced speech recognition. Other features of Rosetta stone include:

  • Live tutoring
  • Truaccent
  • Phrasebook
  • Multi-device capability
  • Stories
  • Audio comparison

Customer satisfaction

Customers view Rosetta stone as the best app that is designed to make language learning easy. It is a small world as they say, but the knowledge of another language makes the world smaller. Rosetta stone has clear instructions, a wide variety of gaming features to make learning more exciting, a friendly user interface, and a fast method of solving challenges. Since it has been tried and tested by various companies, Rosetta stone is poised to rise to be the best language app that will change the way of doing business and relating with others across the globe. It is a loved app in the world and will continue to gain more fame as time goes.     

Advantages and disadvantages

Rosetta stone is easy to run and get up. Once you install it and configure, you will find native speakers who are very patient with you. You can click a button to enable the speaker repeat a word for you in case it passed you. It will be done as many times as you wish and this makes it easy to learn a new language. The slick speech recognition software has been customized to each user’s level to as to weigh the level of difficulty. If you struggle with some words, you can check the graphics of how you are pronouncing as compared to the native pronunciation. However, Rosetta stone does not provide a user with a chance to ask a question. You cannot clarify anything that is not clear.   

Common questions asked


If you are looking into learning a new language, Rosetta stone should be your next stop. It is tailor made for you and you will learn at your convenience.  

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