The 9 Richest people in the world are worth more than countries

Too rich: Are the richest people in the world to rich?

Crazy how some people can bee richer than nations. Imagine 1 individual having enough wealth to buy a country, or earning more than a country per year. Here is a list of the richest people in the world who are worth more than countries:

Richest People in the World That Are Worth More Than Countries:

1. Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, the administrator of India’s greatest aggregate Reliance Industries, is otherwise called the nation’s most extravagant man. Forbes named Ambani as India’s most extravagant individual for the ninth year straight in 2016. He is worth USD 22.7 billion, making him nearly as productive as


The nation is in the Baltic area of Northern Europe. The region that comprises of terrain and 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea has a GDP of USD 22.7 billion.

2. Azim Premji

Executive of India’s IT monster Wipro, Azim Premji, is the fourth most extravagant Indian on the Forbes list, and has total assets of USD 15 billion, making him more extravagant than…


Mozambique, which is a southern African country whose long Indian Ocean coastline is specked with well-known seashores, has a GDP of USD 14.7 billion.

3. Sergey Brin

Wealthy person, Sergey Brin was named the 20 most extravagant individual on the planet in Forbes’ 2015 rich rundown. Page, who is the fellow benefactor of Google and leader of Alphabet, merits a detailed $29.2 billion (£20.4bn) making him more extravagant than:


The Central African nation, sandwiched between Nigeria, Chad, and Congo, has a GDP of $28.5 billion (£19.8bn) and a populace of 22.8 million.

4. Larry Page

Google CEO Larry Page has a vast fortune of $29.7 billion (£20.7bn). The American’s abundant total assets make him more extravagant than


The South American country, whose populace is a blend of individuals of both Spanish and Native American plunge, has a GDP of $29.1 billion (£20.3bn). The present populace sits barely short of 7,000,000, at 6.9 million individuals.

Richest people in the world
The 9 Richest people in the world are worth more than countries richest people in the world

5. Sheldon Adelson

Administrator and CEO of America’s most significant gambling club organization, Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson are allegedly worth $31.4 billion (£21.9bn) putting him up as one of the richest people in the world. His vast fortune makes him more extravagant than…


The oil-rich country of Libya, which offers its guests with Egypt and Algeria, has a GDP of $29.7 billion (£20.7bn) and a populace of around 6.2 million individuals.

6. Li Ka-Shing

Hong Kong’s most extravagant man, Li Ka-Shing, made his $33.3 billion (£23.3bn) fortune from land and media communications adventures. The representative is more ornate than…


Comprised of more than 30 islands, Bahrain was one of the primary states in the Gulf to find oil and fabricate a processing plant. With a populace of 1.3 million, the nation has a GDP of $30.9 billion (£21.5bn).

7. Marc Zuckerberg

At only 31 years of age, Facebook originator, Chairman, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg merit a stunning $33.4 billion (£23.2bn), making him more extravagant than…

Ivory Coast/Côte d’Ivoire

Situated among Ghana and Liberia, the Ivory Coast is the world’s driving cocoa maker, which generally energizes its economy. With a populace of 20.8 million, the African country’s GDP sits at $31.3 billion (£21.8bn).

8. Jeff Bezos

Amazon author and CEO Jess Bezos have a noteworthy $34.8 billion (£24.2bn) fortune, making him more extravagant than…


The South American nation, which is plentiful in mineral and vitality assets, has a GDP of $33.5 billion (£23.3bn) and a populace of 10.8 million.

9, Michael Bloomberg

Previous New York City chairman turned business head honcho Michael Bloomberg has total assets of $35.5 billion (£24.7bn). His fantastic riches make him more extravagant than…


Offering guests to Saudi Arabia and Oman, Yemen is found on the southern finish of the Arabian Peninsula. It’s the second biggest country on the peninsula, with a populace of 24.9 million and a GDP of $34.9 billion (£24.3bn).

Richest people in the world
The 9 Richest people in the world are worth more than countries richest people in the world

Rich People can Help the Planet

The richest people in the world live lavish lives to accompany their lifestyle of earning and spending. While much wealth should be considered earned honestly, many wealthy individuals have the option of helping others more.

So wealthy people can change a lot in the world. They can invest in more green energy so that the planet can be saved. And also they can save a lot of people by donating or doing charity work.

Which a lot of them do, there are a lot of them giving their money to good use. But a lot of them are just keeping their money and don’t want to give any away. So we hope you enjoyed this article and see how a man can be worth more than a country.

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Another very interesting reference would be Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index. Check out industries controlled by these giants as well as net-worth and their changes over time.

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